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Who you you want to talk to? About what?

If it’s just wanting to get in touch with the band socially, write a comment on a blog post or come find us in the forum. We all hang out there from time to time.

If it’s about business, well, it kind of depends, but the best place to start is probably via email. You can reach Steve at smack (at) thepetrols (dot) com. He’ll hand you off to the appropriate person.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Finally got the tickets for the Manchester gig – Wooooooooohoooooooooooo! Really excited. Going to bring my 14 year old lad for some musical education (already done Doves, Guillemots, Courtinas etc…). Also my best mate in Lancaster who I thought was really sound – and then found out that he was a big Petrols fan as well!!

    Good luck with the Birmingham gig guys.


  2. Hi chaps

    Wanted to doff my virtual cap to you for doing things your own way. You could have made a stack of cash if you’d sold your souls, I guess, but there’s a purity in your music that clearly comes straight from the heart. You were – and are – one of my favourites and I always spread the word to anyone I can. Sweet Shiver Burn’s the best song Paul McCartney never wrote. I’ve had a spring in my step since the Bloomsbury Ballroom gig. Last of the true believers indeed!


  3. Hi Guy’s beeen a really long time…. best band I ever lit…. if you do not have anyone to do your lights in the Academy It would be an honour to come out of retierement and look after ye on the night!

    Steve will try and get in touch with some of the old crew and drag them along… Angie, Lorna, Corna, Martin

    Really looking forward to your gig

    Still a true believer

    Regards John

  4. John!

    So nice to hear from you. Would love to see the whole crew. Let me also check to see if Kate is doing lights, or if we need some local help. Can’t wait!

  5. Holy crap, I’m so outta touch. TPE on tour!
    bollocks, they are one of the few bands I used to rave about like a nutter to pepole on buses and trains (whilst travelling places) about. Even gave away tapes in order just to enrich others lives!
    So any planned dates for 2010 in UK, or anything in US in May?

  6. Mr Mack and all youse other boys:

    Hullo, it’s nice to be able to talk with you. My mum is writing a chapter of her dissertation on the Undertones, and would love to get in touch with Mr O’Neill and his brother John if possible. She tried going through Mickey Bradley, but he kind of… ignored her… anyway, she’d be thrilled.
    I love the Petrols, and I’m so glad youse are back together!! Now I’m just waiting for Ringo Starr to join up with the Who… haha. My band is going to do ‘Big Desicion’ at the school fete next month. And possibly ‘It’s A Good Thing’. We decided to skip ‘Keen’, our teacher/advisor bloke didnt think it appropriate.

    I’d love to hear back from youse if you have time!

  7. So – I HAVE to do this and I see no other chance than taking this way.
    Dear Mr. Damian “half a century” O’Neill.
    For the next 50 years I wish you healthiness and an endless source of creativity, joy and safety, steadiness yet complete freedom of your mind, ideas and soul.
    I wish you that the ones you love are safe from harm.
    And I wish you always six strings on the Les Paul, countless sunny days and that you never ever run out of hope.
    Imagine, when you first sounded into my life, I was 12 and you were 24 – blimey, that is 26 long years ago.
    Eversince you – The Undertones, The Petrols, The Wavewalkers, the quiet revolution…make my musical day, the soundtrack to my life.
    Thank you for that.
    And hey – I just celebrated my birthday myself few days ago, so being a capricorn (and a leftie, by the way) myself I can tell you – we’re tough ones.
    No matter how stony – we always find a way.
    So all the best, have a great day and take good care, greetings from Munich,

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