Over the years, we managed to waste quite a bit of money on videos. I shudder to think of it.

To be honest, we always worked best live. Here’s a soundcheck version of Abandon that a friend of Damian’s recently posted to YouTube. It’s from the Brixton Academy in 1992. There’s even a Young Gods quote in the breakdown. And I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty freakin’ good. Thanks to Billy Hassett for posting this.

Although this is a great song, it’s really not a good video. Hey, the original idea was pretty great. Yet another problem with execution. sigh.

Ya know, love it or hate it, YouTube has really been fantastic for rock videos. It was only recently that I even thought that some of our videos would be up there. Well whaddya know? And this one doesn’t sound half bad! In fact, I think it’s pretty damned good.

Okay, this one is a bit on the embarrassing side. Look how serious we are! Look how drunk! Ah, the days of filming videos for 150 pounds in squats in Vauxhaul…

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  1. That would’nt be The Chords Billy Hassett would it? Thats my copy of The Tube performance but I’m not Happy with how it turned out. My copy is much cleaner than the uploaded version, yet the Wavwalkers stuff I uploaded did not turn out as bad.

  2. Hey There
    Fuck ! I am in love again !
    You were (are) a fantastic heart sharing band on stage ! I feeeel the grooooove alll over me
    Brings back memories as well…
    Looking forward to see you all again , one day !

  3. Add videos of “Big Decision” and “Genius Move” from youtube. They’re available now. Also on myspace there is “Detonate My Dreams” video.
    I’ve downloaded all promo videos from youtube and myspace. Just in case. If youtube delete them one more time we’ll have backup at least

  4. Espen –

    It was the first thing I posted when I made the site. It’s the first post, back in October. I haven’t moved it here yet. I think I need to split this section up, anyway, so they’re not all on the same page. Split by album? Song? decade?

  5. I think it’ll be best to split them into promo videos and other stuff, then arrange them in chronological order.

  6. can i point out a small mistake, the video isnt at brixton its actually the penultimate show at the grand london 27th may 1994, i know this cos i’m wandering around in the video lol! and i also remember that ramp!

  7. Was ther not a video for million miles away I kno I have seen one on MTV a few years back??? Fantastic song

  8. nope.

    Not that I know of. You must be thinking of Cellophane, which is similar. Great video, too. I’m going to have to find that one…

  9. If ya wanna, sure. I’m sure I’ve got a copy of it somewhere as well, but it’ll be in PAL and I don’t have a multiple standard VHS player. I need to digitize all this stuff someday, I suppose. I also need to organize this section of the site a bit…


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