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This site will be the locus for any and all That Petrol Emotion news and discussion for the forseeable future. If you hadn’t gathered, we reunited for a few triumphant live dates in late August 2008 including a fan only show in London, and two in Ireland including the prestigious Electric Picnic Festival, and this site will document the trials and tribulations of a group that hadn’t played in fourteen years trying to get their sh*t together and do it all one more time. It should be fun.

We want you to join in. We’re going to be posting to the blog regularly, and want your feedback. We’re going to be asking you where you want us to play, what you want us to play, and where we should go for dinner! If you’ve got general questions or comments you want to post, head on over to the forum, where we’ll have plenty of discusson about things that are more “evergreen,” like talk about music, books, movies, whatever.

To comment on blog posts or to participate in the forum, you have to create an account. We have to do this to keep the damned spam robots from filling these pages with links to Viagra and porn sites. (The second forum entry included 20 hard-core photographs.) Furthermore, for the time being all posts are moderated, meaning you won’t see your post on the site until one of the Petrols sees it and decides it’s okay. This is just to keep out the spam – if you want to slag us off, go right ahead. We can take it.

I guess that’s about it. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please send it to info (at) thepetrols (d0t) com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Petrols

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  1. Unfortunately having to register for the forum doesn’t seem to deter some with links to dodgy websites – members 37, 39, 40 and 47 so far, unless anyone wants dubious pills, blackjack or free MP3s. Wonder if any of them can tell us their favourite TPE tracks?

  2. Are you seeing any spam comments, though?

    We have to approve all the comments & posts. I’m surprised, though, that they can register, as there’s a CAPTCHA during registration. You know, the thingy where you have to type the letters you see.

    I’ll purge the forum membership. Thanks for keeping an eye out for us.


  3. Hi

    I just heard the news about the Electric Picnic, it is fantastic. I was the girl who used to bring you tequila and beer when you played in UCd and trinity College in Dublin, and they were some gigs, especially that farewell one in the Tivoli.! I just had my 40th birthday and felt really old until the DJ, who was Francois, who had been one of the Entertainment Officers in the colleges, played Hey Venus for me.

    Can’t wait to see you all again!!!!


  4. Can you please confirm if Steve Mack has re-joined too? If so then its bloody great news – some great music again – please, please play Birmingham you will defo get a fantastic crowd.

  5. I never left!

    Thanks for the kind words, ashlynn37. I don’t think we’ll be playing Brum this time, but we always had a great time there in the past when we did, so if we decide to do more dates, it will definitely be on the map.


  6. Just wanted to make sure, soz! Shame about Brum but heres hoping! Will defo go to any of the places you play as without a doubt TPE are one of the best bands by far! Ashlynn

  7. Hi guys,
    The email address above (info@thepetrols.com) doesn’t seem to be working for me. Any chance you could send me an email that I can use? Thanks a mil!

  8. Whoops!

    You’re absolutely right. I set up info (at) thatpetrolemotion (dot) com but not at thepetrols (dot) com. I just did, so it should work from now on. Of course, you can email me directly at smack (at) thepetrols (dot) com.

    Sorry about all the (dot) nonsense. The things we do because of spam.

  9. I just put some old rave vinyls on the decks and there is still *nothing* compared to the 12″ mix of Hey Venus. I remember DJing when Rave was THE thing . Pulling this piece of brilliancy out of the record box made me shiver and the crowd mad. It is still outstanding. I would travel far just to see TPE live playing this remix version. If you would like to come to Austria / Graz, you will be welcome from a very big fan. Tom (ready for a supporting DJ set)

  10. goodness me – i was watching the coverage of the reading festival and thinking back to Reading back in 89 when it went from a metal to festival to an “indie” one. Was where i fell for TPE. So i googled and found this – fan bloody tastic – gutted i cant make the london gig but look forward to the tour next year if ive read it correctly. fanbloodytastic.

  11. have just found out that you’re doing shows

    but too late


    please do some more!

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