Tour Dates

December 2009 – UK/Ireland/USA

DEC 4 London – Club NME @ KoKo
DEC 5 Minehead – All Tomorrow’s Parties “Nightmare Before Xmas”
DEC 6 Dublin -Academy
DEC 7 Belfast – Spring and Airbrake (NOT Limelight as previously announced)
DEC 8 Derry – Nerve Centre

And of course for the stateside fans:

DEC 12 Brooklyn, NY – The Bell House

July 2009 – UK/Ireland

Brace yourselves, people. We’re coming to your town. Or a festival near you, hopefully.

01/07/2009 Birmingham – Academy 2
02/07/2009 Portsmouth – Wedgewood Rooms
03/07/2009 London – Bloomsbury Ballroom
05/07/2009 Kent – Hop Farm Festival
06/07/2009 Nottingham – Rescue Rooms
07/07/2009 Manchester – Academy 3
09/07/2009 Leeds – Cockpit
10/07/2009 Newcastle – Academy 2
11/07/2009 Kinross, Scotland – T In The Park
12/07/2009 Dublin – Oxegen Festival

Summer 2008

Okay, many of you are site members and have kept up with the blog and forum posts, but for those of you who want to cut to the chase, here’s what we have confirmed for 2008:

Tuesday, August 26th: Secret warm-up date in London at the Dirty Water club, The Boston Arms. Tickets online here.

Thursday, August 28th: second warm-up at The Spirit Store, Dundalk, Ireland. Tickets online here.

Saturday, August 30th: The Electric Picnic Festival, Portlaoise, Ireland. Tickets online here.


So what’s next? Watch this space!!

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  1. Holy crap. Great news indeed. Honestly never saw this one coming. I’ll spread the word on Fits & Starts ( Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *is unable to sensibly express excitement*

    OK – places I would be ever-so-obliged if you could visit (I am a mother of two young ‘uns y’know – ahem):

    Bristol (several nights would be lovely)
    Cardiff (anywhere South of Wales would be fine and dandy)
    Exeter (at a push)
    Birmingham (at a bigger push)

    hehe – just do your best for me – I love it if you play Bristol though please!

  3. Well then it looks like we’ll have to find our way to Bristol, then, eh? Cardiff – for some reason strange things happened when we played there. I’ve got a lump on my forehead to this day from a gig in Cardiff! What else – maybe one of the other boys will chime in…

  4. somewhere in the shitty Midlands please and Liverpool, although now I’ve got a car getting to the gigs will be so much easier………..

    still annoyed that I didn’t make the final flame concerts cos I was on exams, so intend to make up for it if this all comes off

  5. drop me a line to hook a gig up on the isle of arran, scotland early 2008. my mate greg has the contacts and be happy to put the band up for the weekend… re-live the good times.

  6. Clapham was far too close to my finals for comfort, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything – great gig, but so sad after.
    Play anywhere in the Midlands, the more venues the better.
    Although I do have a car and as I am now a responsible adult I could bunk off work & drive half way round the country, no probs.

  7. @Gareth – I’m sure we’ll be playing either Liverpool and/or Manchester.

    @AD – Scotland sounds a hoot, but seeing as how most of us are working stiffs, we’re going to have to be choosy about what we can and can’t do. But we’ll keep it in mind!

    @Kate – Thanks! Hope to see you soon.

  8. Hey Steve,
    I’m sure I found a forums page on this site a few weeks ago. I think I even posted on it but I’m damned if I can find it now. Have you taken them down or were they never there and I’m just a crazy fool (be gentle if it’s the latter!).

  9. Just stopped by Esmark’s site by chance and I hear about this! This is ACE news.

    I’ve never stopped loving the Petrols. Some of the best gigs I went to in the 80s/early 90s were Petrols gigs. You’ve simply got to come to Sheffield in 2008. If you need any help getting/advertising a gig here let me know.

    P.S. And Steve, can my band (RepoMen) support you. Pretty please!

  10. I’m just so happy ye are back that as long as ye play on these bunch of islands I’ll be there !

  11. If/When you come to the US, try to make it to Orlando FL. There is a good venue near Disney (House of Blues), assuming you aren’t trying to get 10000 people. There is a built in crowd of UK tourists who are looking for something different to do than go to another theme park. I saw Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel) there, he supported The Church. But it seemed like more people came to see Rob than the Church, as it thinned out after the Church came on…
    As a side benefit, if your families are coming, you could spend your gig money sending them to Disney or other theme parks (I personally think Busch Gardens is the best – its a wildlife park with tons of roller coasters and you get free beer samples).

  12. I only heard about the possibility of live shows at the weekend and the more I think about it, the happier I am!! I was at Clapham and I remember how gutted I was that such a fantastic live band were splitting. I would LOVE to see you guys play again. Some of the posts suggest there is some doubt about this now? Please say it ain’t so…………………………..

  13. this is BRILLLIAAAAAANNT! has totally made my week!!! Clapham was one of the best gigs that i’ve ever seen and shouldn’t have been the last. Maybe this time the number ones will come….third time lucky for Sensitize????
    Actually, it’s probably because my girlfriend mentioned the petrols (without prompting) on our first date that i knew she was the one for me! We get married in July. So don’t play London on July 5th please!!

  14. The Petrols – Live!?! this is fantastic news lads! I was gutted I missed your final tour, although a few of us have seen you a number of times up north. If you make it to Leeds, Manchester or anywhere up here then I’ll be there – down the front! Cheers!!

  15. wow… just saw you mentioned on the lineup for the Electric Picnic… Brilliant news that you guys are back!! Two of the best gigs I ever saw in Bristol – one, I think, was the Lakota and the other was Studio (ah the memories!!) – simply amazing gigs. Was always massively impressed with the combination of incendiary pop hooks and god vibes that you guys gave off. Can’t wait to see you again – wherever, whenever… and if you need someone to document the event, I’d be honoured to photograph any live gig (


  17. Touring!!!!???? Great stuff. Was at the last last of the last of the true believers gig in Dublin on 25th May 94, still got the T shirt. Looks like I’ll be wearing it again then. Whooooo Hoooo!!

  18. Please can you tell me when TPE will be playing and where – I know about the Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland but wanted to know about any dates in England????

  19. TPE playing The Spirit Store Dundalk August 28th !!

    tickets on sale now on their website

    just got mine 🙂

  20. Brilliant that da Petrols are back playing can’t wait. There are 3 of us getting on a Ryanair flight from Shannon for the London gig back on wed, up to Dundalk on the thur and Electric Picnic on the fri…. now that surely makes us truebeliever’s or we’re mad.

  21. Great news about the gigs. Need to play Glasgow, was at both the subclub gigs which were amazing. I remember shouting for Keen and just getting the guitar rift!

  22. Hi – I am moved to the marrow that you are back together. I saw you in the LImelight in Belfast in 1992 or thereabouts and then at the Trip to Tipp where I bought your Simpsons/Petrols tshirts and wore it to death.

    Will you come and play in Derry?

    maeve connelly

  23. aw come on now………………………….. yees have tae at least do one gig in either Derry or Dublin before chrimbo??????

    I know the o2 arena may be booked out but I am sure whelans would squeeze yee in

    please advertise a gig in dublin……… gettin the DT’s from lack of stage divin. probably need plenty of them st. john’s ambulance brigade on site for all the pensioners (fans not band i add!!) trying to stage dive………

    let us know the craic

  24. Hi Guys

    Finally got the tickets for the Manchester gig – Wooooooooohoooooooooooo! Really excited. Going to bring my 14 year old lad for some musical education (already done Doves, Guillemots, Courtinas etc…). Also my best mate in Lancaster who I thought was really sound – and then found out that he was a big Petrols fan as well!!

    Good luck with the Birmingham gig guys.


  25. Woaah ! Just in From Portsmouth Gig -RRRlllllahhhh -fluffy pink bits et al!!! What a set!!! You guys command the stage like the stage was an afterthought-such raw sound -such raw guitar, such homed talent. Home now watching “seen and unseen”-Compelled to write -Justice-Justice-Justice. TPE -More More more-Shout loud -fuel the flames – the second coming has gotta count!!!! A natural kinda Joy!!!

  26. Hi – just wanted to leave a comment about the Bloomsbury Gig. Been to a few shows this year, acts new and old – but none better than this. Steve Mack has a fitness regime that puts others to shame. Astonishing energy levels – I thought ‘He’ll never keep this up for longer than five minutes.’ How wrong I was. Great venue, blinding gig – such a tight, tight band. Brilliant stuff, still grinning, actually. Just one question – where the hell can I get Manic Pop Thrill on CD without paying £130? I’ve lost my cassette version somewhere in the intervening 23 years.

  27. Hi- If you’re looking for the CD’s like the last commenter, I have seen lotsa stuff on GEMM and musicstack.

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