Okay, okay.

We’ve been a bit lax with this section. Maybe it’s the fact that our brains have turned to swiss cheese.

So to get things started, thanks to Tomasz from (Poland!), we’ll start this off, appropriately enough, with the first Petrols A-side, “Keen”:

Keen (J. O’Neill)

You’re not alone girl if you think that bridges can’t be burned
But why should you care when you faked all you ever learned

And I never thought that you could be so mean
It’s a funny way to show me you’re still keen

Hung up on heartaches you’ve grown tired of feeding me kicks
The pleasures of a lifestyle run on sex

And it’s a shame the way you’re seldom ever seen
Well it’s the kind of ploy that’s made to keep me keen

There must be some way to bring you back from the dead
With subterfuge i’m buried up to my head

And I never thought that you could be so mean
It’s sure a funny way to show me you’re still keen

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  1. Yay, I’m nearly famous! Anyway the credit should be given to Ray. Waiting for more lyrics here.

    Tomasz Dracz, Poland

  2. V2 (S. O`Néill)
    I`ve got a june-bug crawlin`
    It dears to come
    It really dears to come
    She could say no

    Really tryin` tryin` to say no
    Yes some easy trouble
    It is a one way dream
    Maybe I
    Said no

    And I`ve need
    Plague for a partial
    Called Captain Fear to come
    As a rag-doll changed yours
    It doesn`t know

  3. Feel free to copy and paste from my lyrics page Steve. Got most of the stuff from yourself Ray and Ciaran anyway… Some of the Babble songs and the b-sides are missing tho…

  4. Ah hah hah hahahahah !!!!! !!! ONE ONE ONE !!!

    Those are _not_ the V2 lyrics, but they’re the best thing I’ve read this week! There’s no way you got those from Ray or Ciaran! Here’s the beginning of the first verse, for comparison:

    I’ve got a doodle bug
    And she won’t let go
    And when she does the frug
    She doesn’t know… know… no… nooooo….

  5. hey
    i did NOT give these lyrics for V2 tho i agree with Steve that they are a hoot and maybe an improvement!

  6. @Rob: waitaminit…

    How did you know about “Think of a Chicken?”

    I thought that was a secret? Apparently not.

  7. Wow, what a (bit of a) coincidence. I found this website a few days ago whilst looking for someway of buying old Petrols LPs on CD (I seem to remember years ago seeing a CD version of Manic Pop Thrill that contained all the early singles and a few b-sides as extras – kicking myself for not picking it up then. Isn’t hindsight wonderful?) mainly because I don’t have a studio version of Keen or V2 – at least I can now sing along to my old taped versions of them. If I could find a tape player, that is…

    Incidently petrolpeople, who owns the rights to all your old stuff – will it ever be re-mastered, re-released etc?

  8. Hah!

    Funny. We own the last two (Fireproof & Final Flame), and various labels own the others. If the gigs this summer go well, who knows, maybe we’ll do some more and try to line up re-releases, digital releases, all that nonsense.

  9. Re-releases are a definite “Yes please” thing – Manic Pop Thrill can cost as much as £70 from some sellers. I was able to transfer my tape version to mp3 a while back, but it’s not perfect (and I think the tape was pretty worn by then anyway), so I’d love the chance to buy a (non rip-off) CD version.

  10. waiting for the re-releases, if that will happen… you could always search and look for torrents of the albums… seen all of them torrented as lossless FLAC files….

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