JULY TPE tour dates announced for UK /IRELAND !

01/07/2009 Birmingham – Academy 2
02/07/2009 Portsmouth – Wedgewood Rooms
03/07/2009 London – Bloomsbury Ballroom
05/07/2009 Kent – Hop Farm Festival
06/07/2009 Nottingham – Rescue Rooms
07/07/2009 Manchester – Academy 3
09/07/2009 Leeds – Cockpit
10/07/2009 Newcastle – Academy 2
11/07/2009 Kinross, Scotland – T In The Park
12/07/2009 Dublin – Oxegen Festival

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  1. Great to see there are dates but south west UK?? Plymouth Bristol etc….no shows within 150 miles of us 🙁

  2. what a heap of dates you guys will be buggered by the end of it!………..What and no shows within how may kilometres it is to australia!lol!
    How long does it take to drive 150miles ,3hours?about how long it would take me to get to Sydney if the fellas are ever able to make it there.

  3. I’m with Beesey on this, closest to Edinburgh is Newcastle and that’s about the same distance. But good luck anyway.

  4. Echo the comments of Beesey about no SW dates – I live in Exeter – even a Bristol date would be good..Thekla? Academy? But over the moon that you are back – I just hope I can see you this time round!!

  5. Great news-should be able to get to Birmingham & Leeds. Unbelievably my local gig (Nottingham) falls when I’ll be up in the hills of the Lake District, but I can’t really complain. See you soon!

  6. I don’t visit the site often – but glad I checked today – do these tickets become available in the “normal” way? i.e. Some agency tags on £5 for “booking fees” etc. or are they available through this site?

    Another ‘journey’ into the loft in search of my ancient Petrols Bart Simpson- “Underacheiver” T-shirt willbe on the cards at the weekend!!

  7. Great news boys, thank you. First gig of yours was Subterrania, West London and saw many more gigs after that. Missed the shows last year but this really makes up for it. Hope you have as much fun playing as I’ll have watching, dancing, moshing.

  8. Really pleased to see the tour announced – bit sad no Bristol venue on there – but will try and twist Ali’s arm to get to the Friday night London one.

    Where can we get tickets?

  9. Yeah, Steve – how about celebrating 4 July with a West Country show? The comments already posted much justify the inclusion of at least one gig down here!

  10. Definite yes please to the South West. I have very happy memories of the last coach from London after a BBC In Concert recording the 80s, but have one of those job things now. (And more happily, a marriage thing that would be far more amenably to Bristol or Exeter.)

  11. Oh so excited then oh so gutted. I live in Cardiff and it’s all so far away. Please, please please play Wales.

  12. Hey People, I’m sure you must all like the band to play in your town, but the reality is that they are having to take time out of their Familiy/
    work commitments to do this tour. These are the Dates that they are doing, we should be grateful that we are getting these and get behind the band and support them.

  13. Woohoo! I fancy a trip to Pompey to get some sea air and see the boys do their thing again. What could be better? Roll-on July …

  14. Well, Ali and I are good to go for the Birmingham gig – anyone else going to that one?

  15. I know what you’re saying Steve P, and don’t worry on my account as i will find a way to see them where-ever they play..but there’s no harm in asking for a South west date, surely..one lives in hope…

  16. Oh my! Despite not living in Nottingham, I get the mail out that includes Rock City, Rescue Rooms etc. which alerted me to this tour. I’m so pleased you’re playing my new home town, Birmingham. Oh boy, that mad Rock City gig when Stump were playing at another venue and y’all were wearing Stump shirts….

  17. Got my tickets for Brum gig – can’t wait – was at the Dirty Water Club gig last year and it was fantastic – 1st July here we come, looking forward to it big time!

  18. Just checking out Bloomsbury Ballroom. Doors open 7 o’clock, starts at 7.30. What time is the band likely to start? I’m getting the train from Cardiff after work and can’t leave till 6/6.30. Has anyone been here before. There are venues who have the support on and off within half an hour of doors opening, is this one of them?

  19. I have booked my tickets for Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leeds….hmm might even stretch it to Newcastle. Roll on July!

  20. Tickets booked for Birmingham – desperately want to go to the London one as well – would mean staying over though so 🙁 have to see.


  21. We need a Dublin gig other than Oxegen, something in the city for old times sake!!!

  22. i totally understand the issues re families etc. but still, this another push for the bristol/SW from me.
    its seems there are a few of us in the region.
    what do we have to do steve to get a sneaky extra in ?
    you could do secret gig in my garden if you want …
    mark e/ireallylovemusic

  23. oh sod it.
    i’m coming to london.
    i aint missing this lot again.
    see you all there.
    mark e/ireallylovemusic

  24. Hi Guys

    Really looking forward to the gig in Manchester on 7th July but phoned Ticketline yesterday and they said the tickets were ‘frozen’. Don’t really want to travel an hour to Manchester and an hour back to buy them in advance. Any ideas? I saw comments posted about the lack of publicity in some areas for the gigs. I saw the ad in the NME and am booking for 3 or 4 of us to go. Praying it is still going ahead. Can you let me know whats happening? Cheers
    ps I was interviewed as the Manager of a local charity by a local community radio station to talk about my work. I had to pick my top 5 books (no problem) and top 5 songs (BIG problem – I had a list of 30 and trying to cut down) – a sort of desert island disks! Big Decision made the top 5 as a turning point in my teenage life and a committment to fighting the power! Thanks guys!

  25. @Colboy – I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t imagine any way that they’re sold out! Don’t worry, we’ll sort you out one way or another. We can always find a way to squeeze a few more true believers in. Any problems, just come find me or anyone from the band and have them track me down.

    Thanks for the Top 5 mention. Very flattering. :^)

  26. Steve’s reply to Colboy is a reminder of why I can’t wait for Birmingham on Wednesday.

    Can you drop us hint about when you are on on Wednesday? Just trying to work out if I can fit food around train from darkest Somerset, check into hotel and pre-gig pint…

    First time I’ll have seen you since Kilburn Irish youth festival in I think summer 1991 … and first time ever for my wife

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