Steve on Radio Foyle

Happy Christmas y’all! Here’s something else from the tour.

Before the Derry gig Steve was whisked off to Radio Foyle to talk to afternoon presenter Mark Patterson.

This is the broadcast:


Are you ready for this?

That tour was amazing – New York, you are in for a treat!

Here’s just a brief little taster of what’s coming at you from Friday night at Koko

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Abandon-snip-mod.mp4 height=336 width=576 /]

We fucking rule.

Last night was great.

Hell, if I didn’t know better I’d say we were on our way to the top.

We were a bit apprehensive about the gig, seeing as how it was a club night and the average age was easily half of our own. We figured folks would be far more interested in getting drunk and laid rather than watching a band their parents loved. So imagine our surprise when we went on to thunderous applause and shrieking!

The KoKo is the newly remodeled Camden Palace, and they spared no expense with the PA system. We actually had an inkling that the gig was going to be really good during sound check. I arrived a bit late and walked in on the rest of the boys running through “Believers” and it sounded FANTASTIC!!! The on stage monitors could possibly be the most powerful I’ve ever heard.

Of course it was only 1PM – we had eleven hours to kill before we went on. Combine that with my jet lag and I wondered if I was going to make it.

I needen’t have worried. The audience were so amped they could have jump-started a pickup truck. We fed off their energy and added a bunch of our own. We saw a lot of familiar faces (Morris, Steve, Kari, Patrick, Rob…) and a whole bunch of new ones, including our good friend Claire’s daughter Luna, who is as lovely as her mother. (Claire did the voiceover in the middle of Blind Spot on Manic Pop Thrill.)

Thanks to everyone who came last night – I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!