December TPE Dates Finally Confirmed

DEC 4 London – Club NME @ KoKo
DEC 5 Minehead – All Tomorrow’s Parties “Nightmare Before Xmas”
DEC 6 Dublin -Academy
DEC 7 Belfast – Spring and Airbrake (NOT Limelight as previously announced)
DEC 8 Derry – Nerve Centre

And of course for the stateside fans:

DEC 12 Brooklyn, NY – The Bell House


The band has been invited to join the bill for this years All tomorrow’s parties “Nightmare Before Christmas” festival on December 4-6 as curated by KEVIN SHIELDS of MY BLOODY VALENTINE. More details as they come in. So far Sonic Youth, De la Soul, EPMD and the Sun Ra Orkestra have been announced.

tour publicity

people we need your help here if poss

do you live near a venue where we will be playing on our july tour?

can you let us know if there is much/any publicity for the shows?

lemme know the good and the not so good

can’t wait! nearly there!


Rhapsody Session is open to the public!

So it turns out we *can* have people at our Rhapsody session. It’s just a studio, and we’re only going to play five songs, but hey, if you’ve got nothing else to do at 2PM, please come join us!

Green Screen Studios, 500 San Marcos, #109, Austin TX. Having problems? Call or text me at 206.601.6225.

Then, and only then, we can finally RELAX and see some other bands. BTW, Blue Aeroplanes and Ed Harcourt were both fantastic last night at our gig. This job does have some perks, and seeng those guys last night was definitely one of them.

Tour Post Mortem

Hey all –

We’re all back at home, in one piece. More or less.

What can we say? I think Ray speaks for us all when he told me it “far exceeded his expectations.” You guys made us feel welcome and more importantly, missed. We can’t thank you enough.

I’ll post more about the Dundalk and Electric Picnic gigs, but for now, give us a few days to adjust to the jet lag and the post-tour depression. We’ll figure out how to showcase all your photos and video, and see what’s to be done moving forward.

For now, thank you all so, so much, and here’s hoping we can do this again and have as much fun.

Best London Gig Story

Met so many lovely people before the gig, did a lot of photos, one cheeky fan got two kisses.

After the gig, found a couple I had met earlier. Turns out that she had passed out from, uh, over-excitement I guess. Flat out on the floor. Two fans immediately whisked her out to the patio to resuscitate her, and then one went back in to tell her boyfriend that his girlfriend had passed out.

Of course, he was too busy dancing and hadn’t noticed! It wasn’t until the song finished that they were finally able to get his attention and let him know that his sweetheart was outside…

Ya Snooze Ya Lose

Yes kids, it’s true.

All three TPE shows are sold out. 

That being said, we have held back a limited amount of tickets for the London show. We’re not sure if we’re going to make them exclusively available to folks here on the site, or just release them on the night. We’ll keep you posted.

Stay tuned for T-shirt designs! We’ve got some good ones to put up, and should have them up in the next week or so.

You tell us.

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Site Maintenance

Okay kids –

Don’t be surprised if things are a bit odd for a day or two. I need to upgrade the blog software, the forum software, and the software that in theory ties them both together.  Then, I promise, I’ll start treating this like a proper blog and will be updating more frequently.

First big news… we’ll be doing some additional dates, which should help out you folks who won’t be at the Electric Picnic…