Tour Post Mortem

Hey all –

We’re all back at home, in one piece. More or less.

What can we say? I think Ray speaks for us all when he told me it “far exceeded his expectations.” You guys made us feel welcome and more importantly, missed. We can’t thank you enough.

I’ll post more about the Dundalk and Electric Picnic gigs, but for now, give us a few days to adjust to the jet lag and the post-tour depression. We’ll figure out how to showcase all your photos and video, and see what’s to be done moving forward.

For now, thank you all so, so much, and here’s hoping we can do this again and have as much fun.

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  1. What fun it was!?? I am having to deal with post-holiday and post-TPE depression… THANKS to all again for making my year, it’s a gig I’ll never forget

    M x

  2. Yep, I’ve been feeling that post-TPE depression for the last week too… Am being helped along by visiting these pages many times a day!! and Steve’s last line above – yes here’s definitely to hoping to do it again and have as much fun. It leaves me filled with optimism… 🙂
    Piratepalmer – i’m pretty sure it was you I was next to last Tuesday – bopping at the front and occasionally grabbing the speakers to avoid being crushed by all the blokes. Grinning like mad all the time of course!!

  3. What else can I say ? Ah, I know… My amazon review to “Final Flame” was titled “Gone but not forgotten”. Now it’s “Back and stuck in mind, body and soul !”

    Thank U so much and glad the band had a ball as us people did.


  4. Wonderful, just wonderful… Words can’t describe what I’ve been feeling since waking up wednesday morning. Wandering the streets of London, grinning like mad listening to petrols on the ipod, waiting for the flight home.

    Made my year…? More than that. An experience I’ll never forget, never! Thanks lads, for playing these 3 gigs, giving me, and us all, the possibility to see you live.


  5. electric picnic was fantastic, well worth the trip over from london.
    thanks fellas, it was so good to see you again.

  6. Dundalk blew my mind -great show. No one touches you guys live!!!Fantastic.

    Spinal Tap Moment- Damian refusing to part with loo roll in toilet-Pockets can only hold so much!!.
    Thanks to the O’Neill Family for adopting my brother – He posed for “all the family” photo at end.
    Steve I really hope your inlaws enjoyed Ireland- Very nice people. My brother tried to get adopted by them also!!
    I have video of most of show – not quite HD but good quality -how is it best to get it to you-I have never uploaded video to youtube -I can try giving it a go .

    Fab show -made my summer—More please-We want more

  7. Well, I’m still coming to terms with last week’s events. Whilst I had always loved the band and saw them many times over the years, by the late ’90s I had almost forgotten about them (distractions such as starting a family didn’t help!). Anyway, it was October 2001 when I ordered Final Flame from Amazon and I remember thinking “If they reform, I’ll be there!”.Then I happened upon Espen’s site and realised that there were others with my thoughts. It’s been a while with a couple of false starts, but now it’s finally happened. My expectations were very high (in the run-up to last Tuesday I was a little worried that I would end up being disappointed), but for me too they were far exceeded. That night in Tufnell Park is definitely up there in my Top 5 gigs of all time (and I’ve been to several hundred in the last quarter of a century). So thanks again guys-it truly was a blast, and if you do fancy doing some more, count me in!

  8. Just recovering from a great Electric Picnic, and dealing with working for a living. But i have to say, the show on saturday was truly amazing. Have seen the petrols from the rialto in derry, just as babble was coming out, through trip to tipp, town and country in london, belfast, and the tivoli show. I could not get the smile of my face for several hours, although tindersticks did try their wonderful best, but i was not for shaking it!!! Was speaking to a couple from the states who wandered in, and they said afterwards that they had been bowled over, and wanted to know if the band had released any albums!!! After all this time, it was still fresh…… and isn’t you tube the greatest invention in the world ever!!!! all that petrols achive, i have just discovered
    Thanks lads and good luck with whatever you decide to do. It was emotional!

  9. What can i say!!I was the mad one in shorts up front at E.P!!Everyone I spoke to after said it was like you had never gone away,the songs are still so fresh,come again!!and next time make your way down to Cork!!Cheers lads!!

  10. Gig at electric picnic was superb. I thought Grace Jones was great too.
    Got my picture taken with the Japanese fans-they said they now feel like celebrities.
    Irish comedian Karl Spain was also down the front-the girlfriend asked him if he still has the woman-he has!
    The Dundalk gig was just slightly better for incuding ‘Sweet Shiver Burn’.
    There must have been 30 people from Omagh at the EP gig-only band everybody still likes-weird.
    Big Decision @ EP is up on youtube but not great quality.

  11. All this talk of people seeing you live is making me very envious. I wasn’t able to go to any of the gigs, but I consider myself a huge fan – I used to travel around the country to see you live back in the day, and was there at the clapham grand all those years ago….
    just another plea, really, for you to not make these the last gigs – life’s too short and you’re too good for you not to carry on now…
    you never got where you should have got to first time round, but you deserve to be massive this time round…
    good luck

  12. I haven’t yet said thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU!
    To That Petrol Emotion, firstly for doing this, then for not only meeting, but surpassing my hopes and dreams.
    To everyone I met and talked to, who without exception were so friendly and lovely, and made last week the most amazing experience.
    So –
    when can we do it all again?!

  13. Well, I missed it all too but I too hope to relive the good old days with some live gigs I can attend too in the near future (yep, I’ve got a family now too:-)).

    I think however it’s sad in a way that the TPE legacy is always tinged with how big they “should” have been – bollox to that – their music and gigs affected many people’s lives and surely that is what music is about -should we all spend the rest of our lives wondering how many more people we could have affected to make our lives meaningful?? Those who’ve missed out have lost out.

    Big up yourselve TPE – a great sound that will always have meaning in my life. 🙂

  14. Is there any chance that the gigs were recorded by the band and if so would there be any possibility that the gigs might be made available on this site? I’m sure a lot of people who were at the gigs, and those who were not, would be very interested. And don’t leave it so long to gig again either!

  15. I agree with you Derrymanc – TPE’s legacy is always tinged with the “underachievement” word; I guess all I meant that it would be good if they got the recognition they deserve this time around; but – you’re right – if they don’t then f**k it, they made a difference to my life and that’s good enough for me…

  16. Check out, listen to TPE rock the Electric Picnic……

    Lads you can’t stop now, you’ve put life back into music. Looking forward to another Tour Date!!
    Dundalk was unbelievable.

    Best of luck

  17. All,

    Thanks for e’thing and kept us stand @ the front as per my request. It worked amazingly well for us.

    I am still suffering awfully. As you know the flight back to Japan tooks us over 24 hours so I feel it was a longest dream… Well as far as I can see this site, I can reckon it wasn’t ! How great, all of you makes me real.

    Overexcited we were, maybe some of you thought I was too loud, hasty, nasty and arrogant, but please excuse as I couldn’t conrol myself. You know it took me exactly 23-years to experience TPE again …. What a long LOVE devoted?! How can I stop indulging myself.. All I want was feed me that real music I have been longing for those years.

    OK. Enough said.
    Now I can reassure where I stand and what I can do for the future.
    If TPE can manage to come over Japan, I will do e’thing needed !
    And in that case, please all come over !
    We must welcome you all just like you did for us.

    Thanks a lot again. Please hold my appreciation for the next time round !


  18. Steve, I have lost the email address that you sent where I can inquire about T-Shirts of which I’m really hoping that you have an XL left over…

  19. Steve and the rest of the lads, thanks for a great night in dundalk. It truely was a night to remember.


  20. To the TPE boys – thank you for easily making my year. I’m still getting withdrawal symptons from seeing you live – you absolutely rocked it.
    Both London and Dundlak were amazing and even though I came on my own I met alot of friendly people with one major thing in common – the music of that Petrol Emotion.
    Part of me was nervous that you would still be great but maybe not as good – but what can I say – you completely exceeded my expectations!
    Not only did you sound like you hadn’t been away, but that the band were SOOO tight!
    I’ve just got back from a damp weekend at Bestival and although I saw some good bands – they were not a patch on The Petrols.
    As Jason N said before – you are now up there in my top 5 of all time (and its a pretty big list).
    My only regret was to not see you at the Electric Picnic – although I have nothing whatsoever to complain about as I was very lucky to see you in London / Dundalk.
    So….. please, please PLEASE let this not be it lads – it would be a crying shame for you to not play live again – you have something to show the music world and I for one will be down the front again!!! Keep rockin’!!!!

  21. Thanks a million for a fantastic night in Dundalk, you were awesome. Please, please do it again soon how about playing in Dublin or Derry or both. By the way where could I get my hands on some t-shirts. I bought one in Dundalk and although it’s very nice its rather figure hugging and I haven’t aged as well as the Petrols. If you look at the YouTube posting for Chemicrazy I’m the guy who got up on stage at the end to shake Reamanns hand and to give Steve a hug. Once again thanks for a great night and for giving us music to smile along to.

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