Best London Gig Story

Met so many lovely people before the gig, did a lot of photos, one cheeky fan got two kisses.

After the gig, found a couple I had met earlier. Turns out that she had passed out from, uh, over-excitement I guess. Flat out on the floor. Two fans immediately whisked her out to the patio to resuscitate her, and then one went back in to tell her boyfriend that his girlfriend had passed out.

Of course, he was too busy dancing and hadn’t noticed! It wasn’t until the song finished that they were finally able to get his attention and let him know that his sweetheart was outside…

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  1. Just got back to Donegal after last nights show, what a show! great to chat to you at the bar prior to the gig Steve (I’m the guy who postponed his honeymoon to see your final show in ’94)
    Great to chat to Ciaran after the gig too, a warm welcome awaits next time you visit Ballybofey Ciaran (shopping in McElhinneys eh?, not very rock n roll is it?) Honarary membership of the Irish Scunthorpe Utd supporters club is yours!

    Ray and Ciaran…you guys should seriously look into doing an acoustic show or two next time you’re back home.

    Keep on burning brightly Petrols, there’s gotta be more shows in the future.
    Blow that Electric Picnic away!!

    all the best

  2. Thank you Steve,that was my darling sweetheart that took a turn,bless her!!!! i rushed her of her feet to get her to London and she didnt eat anything except a few glasses of yummy red wine,and the heat got to her,personally i think she swooned to Mr Mack,hey im not jealous!!!! ha ha ha,we have email address of the couple who helped and shall meet up sometime!!!thanks to all concerned!!!!! and to Lee who came looking for me,i was down front bouncing about and had this guy tugging at my arm,i kept saying “im busy man, its the petrols for gods sake” then i heard girlfriend,collapse,outside,ran outside to make sure she was fine with fluids(not red wine)and company, and came back down front to bounce about to the end,so for me its a night i aint gonna forget to soon!!!!! i loved every minute of it. . . .

  3. Hey! I’m a newcomer to your music but caught you at Electric Picnic and was blown away! Steve is amazing! I’ve just bought Chemicrazy and it’s going straight on the iPod. See you the next time you’re in Dublin!

  4. I kissed a Steve and I liked it, the taste of his PETROLeum chapstick!?!

    Muwhahahaha, twas I the cheeky greedyguts who demanded seconds! Too blimmin right! We were the lucky ones being dished up a sweet sweet second helping of TPE, so I was only doing what any respectful old skool fan would do… showing some lurve! 🙂 x

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