B-Sides and Remixes Listening Party!

This one was pretty fun, as quite a few of you hadn’t even heard a bunch of these! Quite a few were hidden on obscure releases or on the umpteenth version of a 12″ single or whatever. There’s the whole session here, including the hour long music set beforehand that includes some of the originals we covered and of course the artists that inspired us. Scroll forward an hour or so to go straight to the chit-chat.

Manic Pop Thrill – (Very Hard to Listen to) Listening Party

So. Yeah. A few of you have reached out asking me to post some of the old listening parties that I hadn’t gotten around to posting, and this was one of them. My first excuse was that the server was full, and wouldn’t take anymore of the huge video files these things end up being. But I fixed that by upgrading the TPE infrastructure. Then I went back and found all the old files and… ugh. This one. This was the first time we did a listening party where the playback audio worked – or I thought it did. It turns out there’s a horrible echo on everyone else’s mic. We eventually solved this from the Millenium listening party onwards, but I hadn’t figured it out quite yet. So here it is, echo and all. Hope you can enjoy it.

TPE talking about Manic Pop Thrill, our first album.