London Gig Post Mortem

First – If you lost anything at the gig, please email PJ found a few things, so…

Second – wow. You guys are great. Seriously. That was one hell of a night. I must have lost a stone during the gig, and I know I’m not the only one. And you caught me when I fell backwards. Fantastic.

Finally, if you took any photos or video, let us know. We’re happy to post it here, or link to it on Flickr or YouTube or whatever. Hey, here’s an idea. If you post anything to Flickr, please tag it “TPE2008” so we can easily search for ’em.

With video, what I’d really like is a copy burned to DVD or CDR if you could. What I’ll do is take the master recording done last night and add the various bits of video together to make a DVD of the entire gig. Sound good? Sure it does.

Dundalk, here we come…

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  1. Hope the band are all pleased with last nites gig, thought you played a blinder and all of you have still got a real passion for it! I really think you should consider reforming for good – it wouldnt be for some nostalgic trip – your music would really stand up and be relevant for now. Theres no real great live bands around to touch you, well maybe the Kings of Leon – ha ha! They aint bad! Just do it Steve, get on with it, time is tickin, we wanna see TPE back with a bang! You have got a great back catalogue and capability for new material. DONT WASTE THE TALENT YOU’VE GOT!
    I know you are settled in the States but with all the technology around now I dont see it as a problem!

  2. Still floating on the raw musical energy from last night. Yet again, after 18 years, I was absolutely blown away. Fantastic guys! Just want to stay floating by listening to all those amazing tracks, but unfortunately nearly everything TPE I own is on vinyl, and don’t have a turntable at present 🙁 DVD of the evening sounds awesome! And I’m sure I’m not the only one to think so.

  3. I concur with ashlynn37!!

    I am one very, very tired piratepalmer today haha! Words can’t express how fantastic last night was. I just want to say THANKS! again to all of you chaps and all the lovely people that came over to say hello to me and my friend Ali. We had a top night. Now I need to go to bed for a few weeks……

  4. Well, I’ve just got home and still can’t believe how good last night’s gig was. I’m guessing you all enjoyed it if the ear-to-ear grinning was anything to go by! I’ve got to get my film developed, but if there are any decent shots I’ll post them. Just one request; please please please do some more gigs soon-I can’t wait another 15 years! To all those going to Dundalk and the Electric picnic, enjoy!!!
    See you soon (hopefully), Jason

  5. Guys, that was brilliant! thank you so much. what a great night! the songs sound even fresher 2nd time around. havent seen that many grinning souls at a gig for a long long time! looking forward to the DVD! good luck with the 2 other gigs!

  6. I’ve just finished my dayjob in Paris (went almost straight to work from the Eurostar this morning after a shower) and I could sleep for a month now… What a night, what a gig, what a band… Words fail me now… You were really nice y’all with the skinny frog I am !

    All the best for the upcoming gigs (and the following, and the following, and…

    Take care,

  7. After the WOW that was last night, I have been busy doing jobs around the home that I have been putting off for ages…the soundtrack to this was of course The Petrols…after playing Chemicrazy, i went to put the record back in the sleeve and a postcard fell out that was given away with the free flexi on the chemicrazy tour…at the end of the promo blurb it finishes thus, which about sums up last night for me: “F*cking Brilliant and about time”…

  8. Any idea what time TPE are on stage in Dundalk and Electric Picnic? Travelling from Dublin and getting out of Dublin can be crazy traffic-wise at the best of times. Wouldn’t want to miss any of the gigs! Can’t wait.

  9. What a BLINDER!!!! I’m still elated after last night’s gig – and still beaming! It’s like you’ve never stopped gigging together – absolutely corking song after song – thoroughly fantastic gig. And what an atmosphere!! You guys absolutely ROCKED! Looked like you enjoyed it as much as we did too ;o) I absolutely agree with ashlynn37 – there’s just no new talent about that even comes close to TPE – come on!!!..MORE!!! I really miss gigs as brilliant as yours!

    Only downer was all the small girly T-Shirts had sold out before you’d even come on stage! but I still love my ecofriendly Medium ;o)

    Steve – a massive thanks again for putting us on the list – words can’t express how much we appreciate it ;o)

  10. Goodness me – what can I say, that was beyond my expectations chaps – you really nailed it last night! Everyone I spoke to was so happy to see you all again.
    I agree with others – that it’s time to show the public what you’re about. I can count on 1 hand the number of bands I have seen over the years that come close to matching you live!
    Right lads, off to get some kip – I’ll be down the front again tomorrow, dancing like I’m 21 all over again!

    Keep rockin’!!!

  11. Another “Wow”! I was (am) totally blasted away. Just got home, and still a bit dizzy after last night. Thank you for making this dream come true. I loved it. Hope to see you again soon.

  12. Interview with Steve Mack

    1) Wikipedia claims you were “pioneers for such bands as the Stone Roses, Oasis, Blur and Radiohead.” Do you see yourself in any of the aforementioned. I’ve read the Manic Street Preachers and the Super Furry Animals say nice tings about the band over the years. Producer Jacknife Lee called his first band Compulsion after a T.P.E. song. Do you find any of that stuff gratifying?

    Wow – I wonder who wrote that stuff – seriously. Certainly I think many a band saw us tearing it up over the years, and we met a lot of bands who said we inspired them, which is always gratifying. It’s nice to give back and keep the music flowing. It’s particularly nice years after the fact, when all you really have left to think about is the legacy you left behind, if any.

    2) Was the possibility of John O’Neill rejoining ever discussed?

    What, back in the day? No, he left because he wanted out. And we moved on, and I believe we became a better band. I don’t mean that as an indictment of John in any way, it’s just that we matured and became better musicians, performers, and song writers. He said as much to us every time we saw him.

    I always try to explain to people who aren’t in bands that being in one is like having four separate relationships, which is why it’s so difficult. And extending this metaphor, you don’t go back to an old partner.

    3) Will T.P.E. record any new material?

    At this point that’s unclear. Certainly Ciaran and Raymond have some incredibly great new songs, but they don’t see them as Petrols songs as far as I know, and recording new material is a far greater commitment than playing a few gigs.

    4) Were the band really banned by BBC Radio One?

    Absolutely. We had a quote from a Gerry Adams book on the back of Genius Move that caused all the trouble. It wasn’t a Gerry Adams quote, but the connection was there. In retrospect it was an extremely foolish thing to do. Then again, looking at the political situation in Ireland now, how dangerous and inflammatory was it really? Again, we never had great timing.

    5) Have there been any arguments about what songs to include in your new live set? I personally hope you play ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Cellophane’, ‘Natural Kinda Joy’ and ‘Scum Surfin’.

    Well, you’ll get one of those. And yes, plenty of arguments.

    6) Have you seen the lineup for Electric Picnic? Are there any bands artists on the bill you’re looking forward to seeing?

    Sure – looking forward to seeing the Valentines again, Sex Pistols for the first time, Duffy (who I LOVE), Gomez, Franz Ferdinand (who are one of the few bands I’ve seen recently that do as good a show as we did back in the day), The Kills, can’t wait to see Grinderman, The Roots are going to be awesome, and I’m curious about Foals.

    7) You built an owned a studio in London called Bang Bang. Did anyone famous come through it’s doors.

    I produced a couple of Stereolab singles, one of which I’m very proud of. High Llamas first LP was recorded there. Gallon Drunk did their first single there which I loved. Breed did a great album. Tons of others, but those are probably the highest profile acts.

    8) How did the Harry Shearer website come about? WAs it the Simpsons or Spinal Tap that drew you in?

    He’s a really forward thinking guy, and he was working with RealNetworks, so when I left that job I took him with me as I knew he’d be lost without me championing him.

    9) Why choose Dundalk instead of Derry for your Irish comeback?

    Beats me!

    10) How many of the band now have children?

    Everyone except me! But I’ve only been married five months, so give me some time…

    11) Did the band play SXSW? Is the London gig your first in so many years?

    SxSW got cancelled. Sore point. Yes, London is the first gig in 15 years.

    12) You were in a band called the Throw Ups who were a precursor to Mudhoney. Do you ever think you’d have had more success if you’d stayed in the states? Are you the missing link between indie/dance and grunge?

    Thrown Ups. With an “n” at the end. It’s interesting to think about what would have happened if I stayed in Seattle. I’m sure I would have been involved in the whole grunge thing as all my friends were, but I’m very proud of my European sojourn. I was the first Seattleite in a high-profile band.

    As for the link, well, you could say that. We loved the hard noisy stuff, and we loved to dance!

    13) Will the band ever release a Best Of?

    Very doubtful. We were on three separate labels which makes that sort of thing very difficult.

    odran smith

  13. To everyone in the TPE camp – Thanks so much for a stunning night last Tuesday. Absolutely brilliant – blew away the huge space in time that had been left since your ‘farewell’ show here all those years ago. Hopefully the fantastic reception you received will encourage everyone to get together on a more regular basis – TPE are as relevant today as ever and would wipe the floor with most bands out there (in my humble opinion). Please don’t let these 3 gigs be the last of their kind!
    Have a great time in Ireland – lucky those who get to see you.
    Steve – where would you like a CD with some shaky avi footage of ‘Hey Venus’ sent to?

  14. bloody blown away after tuesday show,agree most heartedly with what’s been said here,got severe withdrawls happening at mo,your music is a drug i cant resist!!!!! to all going to see them in Ireland,you lucky people!! met so many GOOD people on tuesday and to cap it off,shaking the hands of my vinyl hero’s,Steve and Raymond,pity i didnt get to see the other guys,sure i will soon(hint hint,more shows please!!!!)so looking forward to seeing all the pics & video from forthcoming events!!!! and Steve thanks so much for tickets on door,my girlfriend is now a true believer!!!!!! 🙂

  15. Man it’s sooo good to see you guys back……and its gutting to be missing these gigs. Reading the comments of those at London gig of course it was WOW….when was a TPE set anything else….please don’t let these three be the end of it…there’s a whole new audience needs to hear you…..the timings right this time…..

  16. What a great night!

    Steve, thanks for putting me and Rick on the list. What a great gig – it’s like you never went away 🙂

    I’ve put some of the photos that Rick took on Flickr – go here…

    (I’m new to Flickr, so hopefully that worked…)

    By the way, I now realise what Steve has really been up to for the last 14 years – he’s been frozen in time…. how the hell do you still look the same as back in the day, Mr Mack??? 😉


  17. well steve won’t be going to duffy because he’ll be on stage at e.p.

    what time are u in the hot press tent at e.p.?

    great great great gig in dundalk last night
    more ballads please

    for answers to why the petrols couldn’t solve the prolems of the north see…

    tir eoghann abu

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