tour publicity

people we need your help here if poss

do you live near a venue where we will be playing on our july tour?

can you let us know if there is much/any publicity for the shows?

lemme know the good and the not so good

can’t wait! nearly there!


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  1. The lack of apparent publicity for the tour has been concerning me, although I was thinking that there would have been local advertising.
    My local venue (Rescue Rooms, Nottingham) has the gig listed on their website as one of their Hot Tickets, but I haven’t been into Nottingham lately to see if there are any posters around. There has been no mention of the gig in the local paper (Evening Post); normally I’d expect to see an announcement and perhaps a small interview.
    I really hope this isn’t the case for everywhere; the gig promoter(s) need a kick up the backside!
    That said, I can’t wait for the shows!

  2. Ray..I thought it was unusual that I haven’t even seen an advert for the tour in any music press…The only advert is for Hop Farm. Not been into Brum for ages so cannot comment on wether their is publicity up and around brum.

  3. Just found out today you are playing in Birmingham – to be honest wasn’t aware you had reformed – not seen any publicity – see you on the 1st

  4. I live in Birmingham and the only info that I have is from the e-mail listings that are sent out. So there is something, but it is only 2 weeks until the gig. Lance

  5. How about a press release sent to NME/Uncut/Q (amongst others) announcing the reformation & tour? I’m sure that there are a good number of folks out there who are completely unaware of what is happening and would be well-up for the gigs, even at this short notice.

  6. As it seems to be not quite working out there does anyone have any (realistic) suggestions of what people round here could do to help out?

  7. I emailed NME’s news section about the upcoming tour but they’ve not gotten back to me. Check NME this week/next week (even the week after) to see if they mentioned it.
    Otherwise it’s too late to email better mags like Word, Uncut, Q and Mojo because they’ve all gone to print for next month’s issue (no harm in trying though). The best plan of action would be to get as many people as possible to email NME news/tours section via their website about TPE. I imagine the more stuff they get the more likely it is they’d print it….

  8. Hi all,

    It’s a bit easy for me to suggest so as I’m in France and won’t be able to make it to any gig in UK this year, but if the band could provide just a picture or a logo or anything to site members (or just give their approval to one suggestion), with a bit of Photoshop anyone could print a few large prints (even just A4 formats) incorporating date and place of said gig and, for those living in cities where gigs or to be held, asking to stick them in records stores, pubs, clubs, whatever, or even in the street (even though I might not be fully of the law that side of the Channel). Tracts might be welcome, too…

    What d’ya think ?

  9. I’m in SW so no gig roung here, but that notwithstanding, it seems strange that whoever the tour promoter is, they don’t appear to be doing their job…
    “Underachievers..and proud of it” is all very well, but it just seems like another episode in The Petrol’s failure to reach a wider audience (or in this case, even their own audience!) through – one suspects – no fault of their own…

  10. Hang about, did no-one else see the small box advert in the back pages of the NME about three weeks ago?!

  11. Just seen the first advert in the press for the tour [Guardian film and music section].

  12. Hi Raymond,
    There is an add in the tour section of NME in this weeks edition, it has photo from website and dates of tour. Also got some email’s from the O2 Academy’s with list of gigs and TPE on it. It’s up to the band and fan’s to spread the word……email, texting, word of mouth etc… See you soon.

  13. I’d not seen anything about the Leeds gig until I saw the advert in The Guardian today. I’m gutted, though, cos we’ll be moving to the Midlands before the Leeds show but after the Birmingham one. Aaargh!!! I trust you’ll be playing more shows at a later date? Looking forward to seeing you again. Take care, Scott

  14. Just checked out the website for London – Bloomsbury Ballroom and there’s no mention of your gig on the 3rd 🙁

  15. Petrols advertised on the Oxegen website and this sundays paper’s for the Oxegen lineup.

  16. I haven’t seen any publicity in or around Birmingham for the show … I’ll make sure it gets into the Kerrang Radio gig guide if that helps! I’ll give it a push online too (twitter et al).


  17. Following-up on my earlier post, I walked past the Rescue Rooms last night and there was a nicely prominently displayed poster with the photo from this site. Can’t wait till Birmingham-less than a week to go!

  18. @Caroline – Thank you !!! If you want an interview, just let us know.

    @Jason – cool. Thanks for following up! are also on it for us. See you soon!

  19. Very little publicity for the Manchester University gig. I only heard about it from the university’s email list. I’ve not noticed if it is in any of their flyers. No posters outside the uni. Only a dozen tickets sold as of 25th June.

  20. Plenty of advertisements in the press here in Ireland for Oxegen with TPE prominently displayed! Any chance of a post Oxegen gig in Dublin?

  21. just left a post on the mojo messageboard with tourdates etc.

    worth a punt

    but definitely words to be had with promoters

    i would have had no idea about the london show if i wasn’t signed up to the forum


  22. Hi Raymond, we live near T in the park venue. I can see you guys on all the line up coverage. We will be at T in the park and will deffo be there to catch you guys. Old friends typing this- John & Joanna from NUU. Hope you have stopped kicking lampposts ! If possible it would be nice to meet you, catch up on the last 25 yrs since we last saw each other in London and chill at the festival.

  23. hi John and Joanna,

    sorry for taking so long to answer this – best to email me privately, i will try and do that for you now this minute

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