Let’s Get This Party Started

Reporting to you, live, from sunny London.

We had our first group rehearsal tonight and it was stonkin’, to use an old TPE phrase.

I’m jet lagged as hell and just found out that for some reason people care if Michael Jackson is alive or dead. Maybe it’s the jet lag, but I find this puzzling.

Anyhow, let me get a good night’s rest and then we’ve got a ton of news to post. Television, radio… all sorts of good stuff, and mostly because of YOU, our fans.

<yawn> Sorry – I really have to sleep now.

9 Replies to “Let’s Get This Party Started”

  1. Great to hear about a media offensive-keep us posted!
    As far as Jacko’s demise goes, there are 50 nights at the O2 without a headliner starting on July 13th-fancy a summer residency in London????

  2. Hey Jason, you took the words off my mouth 😉 !

    Didn’t Jacko passed in 1987, anyway ?


  3. LOL.

    Did I say we love you guys?

    O2 – no problem. Since you all seem to be so adept at getting us PR, can one of you step up and let the people in charge know that we’re ready and available? I’ll wait by my keyboard.

  4. Been trying all week to slot That Petrol Emotion songs onto Radio2’s Radcliffe and Maconie’s show’s “The Chain “, but they don’t seem to be biting….Good to hear that you have secured some TV and radio……See you all in Brum.

    It’s been wall to Wall MJ on the radio today…….Enough is enough, They are trying to make him into some sort of Demi God!!!

  5. Steve (P), it was already the case before his death I think, so now I can go figure the legend can only grow one way. And not necessarely the best. Let’s meet in another section, mate ;-).


  6. I also e-mailed Radcliffe and Maconie, thought it might work cos I recall Maconie writing some good reviews in the NME in the old days

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