Journos Still Coppin’ Our Licks

Nothing new here – obviously we had a knack for a turn of phrase. ;^)

But this is what, the millionth time this one has been copped? Super Furries using it as an album title, now they’re getting all Wimbledon on us. This one is so obvious, my question is how come it took so long?

Wimbledon… Venus Williams… you know where this one is going.

Check it out on the official Wimbledon site, at 14:21, another TPE lyric reference.

4 Replies to “Journos Still Coppin’ Our Licks”

  1. “Obscure early 1990s indie rockers” ? Well, not that obscure for him/her obviously !!! Funny you get some accolades on this kind of site anyway !!! At that speed you will be on Time Magazine’s cover by the end of next week ! See you at O2 residency then ;-).


  2. Must be a fan, but it’s a funny way to show us (s)he’s still keen.


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