Journos part II

We’re just about to get in the van and head up north to see our Brum brethren.

This rolls in, courtesy of Google Alerts. This time it’s the Guardian. No lyrical references, but we’re certainly on everyone’s mind this Wimbledon. What was it that happened at 2:20PM on this day to pop us into everyone’s head at the same time?

Hey, Venus Williams! You need a theme song. We’ve got just the ticket.

Click to see us name dropped in the Guardian sport pages.

2 Replies to “Journos part II”

  1. She does need a theme song. You find out who her agent is (pretty easy, I presume), get him/her in the loop re: the song, and then get them to use the song in a commercial for a product that Venus sponsors. Royalites. That’s your ticket.

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