Birmingham post mortem

One down, nine to go!

Things got off to a slightly embarassing start when we realized we had left Ciaran’s cymbals in London. Uh, yeah. Thankfully the support band, a delightfully young group called the Dukes Jetty offered theirs. Thanks, guys!

(Like mid-60s Merseybeat? You’ll love the Dukes Jetty. Vintage down to the cuban heels and Burns guitar.)

Our set went down well. I managed to re-start the Blue to Black loop instead of Catch a Fire, and at one point punched the ceiling really hard (ow), but other than that had a great time. We played a couple of special tracks that we haven’t played in a really, really LONG time, but that were requested by folks in the forum. I won’t tell you what they were – don’t want to spoilt the surprise for those of you coming to a show this week!

Off to Portsmouth now…

8 Replies to “Birmingham post mortem”

  1. Absoultely brilliant – we’re still grinning! As good as I’d hoped? No, possibly even better.

  2. Had a fantastic time last night, I’m still grinning too!! I’m also aching rather a lot too……. Thanks so much – wish I could make it to another. Good luck for the rest of the tour x

  3. Sooo great to see you guys again after so long. Immense gig last night (Birmingham) – you left us feeling so good, we dusted off the “Seen & Unseen” video when we got home.

    Thanks and Good luck for the rest of the tour – Rock On!!

    Jason and Sarah, Wolverhampton

  4. Steve, I thought you were messing about when you thumped the ceiling. Hope it’s not too painful…
    Anyway, to be a “me too”, yes I had a cracking time last night and glad to hear you did too. Keep having fun this week and I’ll see you in Leeds next Thursday (only a week to go!).

  5. Yes..It was great to see the guys again..There were some truly hair on the back of the neck moments. Would love to make it to another date but the holiday was already booked. It was a really uplifting night, TPE forever.

  6. Really great gig in Birmingham last night …. the guitar sound seemed to get better as the gig went on. good to meet Steve afterwards, shame the bar was shut ! Shame no Sweet Shiver Burn – Next time (in my garden) ?

  7. Was the gig well attended? Gutted not able to make it, but hoping for Portsmouth….

  8. Thanks for the brum gig. It was amazing. As my mate said- they’ve still got rock n roll! More please and soon. My little bro is going to Newcastle the jammy git. Mart

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