Stage Times – UPDATE

Kate, who is doing lights for us this time around suggested we put our expected stage times on the site. Seems like a great idea, so here you go:

Portsmouth: 10PM

London: 9PM (I imagine this will slide to 9:15-9:30)

Hop Farm Festival: UPDATE: 12:10 PM – 12:55 PM – This is twenty minutes later than originally scheduled, and now we have a 45 minute set! Brilliant!

Nottingham: 9:30 PM

Manchester: 9PM (again… 9:15?)

Leeds: 9:15 PM

Newcastle: 9:15 PM

T in the Park: 12:10 – 12:40 PM – Another short set. Harumph.

Oxegen: 4:05 – 4:50 PM

Okay, no excuses! See you there!

5 Replies to “Stage Times – UPDATE”

  1. Fantastic!
    Helps with a few arrangements I didn’t have to make last time I saw you play…

    Baby Sitter – check
    Underachievers and proud of it T-shirt – check
    Dancing Trousers – check

    See you in Portsmouth!

  2. If you want to slip another gig in somewhere my garden is always at your disposal …..

  3. It’s just not fair. One gig in Ireland and I can’t make it due to prior commitment. It’s just a pity that you are not playing anywhere else in Ireland as Dundalk was brilliant the last time. Perhaps after Oxegen you just might feel like playing somewhere else in Ireland, anywhere would do!

  4. just got in from the rescue rooms ears still ringing feet still dancing … can’t sleep!!! fantastic can’t wait to see you again

  5. back home in portsmouth from rescue rooms at 3am wow what a drive!great gig as brilliant as wedgewood rooms.will now try and get to leeds as well as newcastle gigs.just cannot get enough tpe!its been great meeting you all. you always and still are the greatest. see you at leeds

    Gill & Ian Shaw
    (fanclub members 1&2)

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