Who’s in London then?

We all are!

Time for us to shake off some of the rust and start rocking.

So who is going to go see My Bloody Valentine, then? 

8 Replies to “Who’s in London then?”

  1. So which dates are you guys doing then? MBV playing 13th/14th/20th/21st/22nd/23rd/24th June in London plus 28th/29th in Manchester. Not that it matters as all dates appear to be sold out!

  2. I’m pretty sure My Bloody Valentine sold out a long long time, so I hope that you’re not trying to subtely say you’re the support 🙁

  3. I noticed that the undertones were useing mbv tour gear when they last played in Cork,maybe Kevin Sheilds might make an appearance as well!!

  4. okay, okay –

    sorry to be so cryptic. No, we’re not supporting MBV. With any luck we’ll be at the show, though. We’re rehearsing this week, that’s all. Sorry!

  5. I do hope those of you with style and taste went along to Borederline on Tuesday night to pay homage to The Young Gods….I know I did. Magical stuff. Looking forward to you guys announcing dates. currently only have the Godfathers to see in October…

  6. oooh no! Far too loud, my ears couldn’t take it. Much preffered MBV in their poppier days . Loveless is overrated imho..Kevin Shields is a workshy fop, what has been doing for the past god knows how many years…

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