Ya Snooze Ya Lose

Yes kids, it’s true.

All three TPE shows are sold out. 

That being said, we have held back a limited amount of tickets for the London show. We’re not sure if we’re going to make them exclusively available to folks here on the site, or just release them on the night. We’ll keep you posted.

Stay tuned for T-shirt designs! We’ve got some good ones to put up, and should have them up in the next week or so.

10 Replies to “Ya Snooze Ya Lose”

  1. Hello Steve and All,

    Yes, Sold Out !!! Wow

    Just being wondering about Dundalk gig whether we can go back to Dublin by train after the gig. Does anyone have better ideas ?

  2. As far as I can see buses travel every hour between Belfast & Dublin through the night. You will need to double check that they will pick up in Dundalk.
    Hope this helps !!

  3. Release them on here, cos if I travel up to Plymouth from London, I need to arrange it in advance!!

  4. Hi there Tomoko,

    I’m travelling over from the UK in the afternoon and after deliberating about heading back to Dublin after the gig I’ve booked a B&B instead.

    Here are the details of one which is about 5 mins from the train station and 15 mins from the venue:

    00353 42 42933 4912
    Single room – 45 Euros
    Double room – 75 Euros
    I spoke to Jurgita who was really helpful.

    Good luck


  5. Hi to all at TPE and beyond.
    No surprises at all that the gigs have sold out! It’s been far too long since that last, incredible night in London at the Grand. More than a week ago I discovered the London date had already sold out, to huge disappointment. Joy that tickets may still be available – please release some of them on the site – will keep checking back.
    All the best,

  6. i NEEEEEEEED 2 tickets for London gig,please,must go!! dont think i”ll be able to climb in toilet window these days!!! lol

  7. OK, the suspense is killing me!!! Steve – what’s the Big Decision (!) about the remaining “golden tickets”??? Pleeeeease put us out of our misery! I only need 2 tickets… pretty pleeease (dignity, what dignity?). My blagging skills are too rusty these days, so begging and toilet windows are beginning to sound like excellent ideas :o)

  8. Another plea… need two tickets for the London gig. Was at the farewell show at the Grand back in 94, can’t miss this one!!!

    I’ll take me chances on the night, but a couple in the pocket would make things less stressful 😉


  9. Will also take chances on the night but need to book flights too and any reduction on the will we\won’t be front would be really appreciated!

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