Help us design a t-shirt, part 1.

Okay folks, time for a new game. We want to make some t-shirts. We want you to buy said t-shirts. (Petrol costs being what the are, etc.) So we thought we’d have you help out, and tell us what you wanted. We’ll ask a few questions over the next week or so, and then we’ll have a go at some designs. Hell, if you’ve got ideas for designs or slogans, we’re interested in that too. Finally, we’ll have you vote for your favorites, and we’ll print ’em up.

Sound like fun? Sure it does. Okay, here’s step one:

What are your favorite t-shirt colo(u)rs? (You can check up to three options.)

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23 Replies to “Help us design a t-shirt, part 1.”

  1. Bring back the Bart Simpson – Underachievers and proud of it. I miss that shirt. Light blue would be nice.

  2. What about “Still Chemicrazy After All These Years” ? (black, yellow, red)
    or “Agitate, Educate, Organize” ? (black, red, green)
    or “Our rhythms can trace what others have dissolved” ? (deep blue, white, pink)

    Hmmm… Nice to figure out.


  3. how bout “Catch A Fire” with someone about to catch a ball of fire Gaelic style e.g. statue of liberty?

  4. That Petrol Emotion, band pic in b/w, yellow (I look great in yellow!)

    Or perhaps “Fire, detonation and sublime chaos – The Renegades of Pop”

    Whatever design I want one…

  5. What about “Put fire back in your Belly”

    Green tshirt -white outline of stomach -with orange flames!!

    That Petrol Emotion

  6. Bart Rocks !!

    More shirts exactly the same

    ” Its a Guitar Thing you’ve gotta understand “

  7. I second the ‘agitate, educate, organise’ idea. i would buy one of these and i dont buy band t shirts anymore.

  8. Scumsurfin’ t-shirt design with George Bush’s face superimposed on the surfer, and with the surfer balancing on a barrel of oil with the words “The Price Of My Soul?” Tour dates on reverse side.

  9. Oh how exciting! (yes I know I need to get out more….), I really like the “Renegades of Pop” idea ….

  10. So do I !!! I suggested that title for a best of or retrospective in the forum, but the idea didn’t seem to appeal; as a T-Shirt it might see the light of day !


  11. I’ve still got my ‘paint-splash’ TPE shirt (white t with ‘that petrol emotion’ on it a then covered in green, blue, red etc paint splashes). Only problem is it’s getting quite thin these days and is almost dead. It’s my favourite t-shirt ever. So for purely selfish reasons, I’d suggest doing more of those.

    But the “Still Chemicrazy…” slogan is just genius – kudos to you Francois.

  12. FRANCOIS has it nailed, but maybe…




  13. Another vote here for Renegades of Pop; I always thought that would have been good at the time.

  14. I have one of those paint splash T shirts. Also my favourite ever!

    I don’t mind the design, just make it like the music …..LOUD!

  15. Thinking about it, I’ll go with Renegades of Pop. Only other things I could think of would be “First of the new believers” or “That Perpetual Emotion”

  16. Good things come to those who wait…


    Electric Picnic 2008

    …pure Genius Move!!

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