Love that Dirty Water…

The secret London warm-up date is set. We’ll be playing Tuesday, August 26th, at the Dirty Water club in Tufnell Park.

It’s a fantastic place to see a band, run by really great people. We couldn’t be happier. You can buy tickets online here.

Visit the Dirty Water club’s website to see pictures from other shows, and take a minute to watch the fantastic Night Marchers video. Yow! Who wants to run the video camera for our show?

25 Replies to “Love that Dirty Water…”

  1. Oh man, The Boston Arms – haven’t been there for around 25 years! Roll on August 26th!!!!

  2. Oh the relief!!!! I have tickets for me and my friend Ali – who is a serial lurker on here btw – and like Kate, I hope I’ll be dancing my arse off down the front !!!


  3. Just bought mine at the moment… 2 months to wait, still. Grrrrrrrrr.


    See ya down the front, Tomoko !

  4. just got mine too! would love to film it as have filmed a few bands in the past but as kate said above, will be too busy dancing! see ya ‘all there!

  5. Cant seem to get tickets – please tell me they havent sold out – the link just goes to the Homepage! Help!

  6. @9 (Mark) –

    Try again. I’ve had to change the link to a secret one that doesn’t show up in search engines.

  7. Thanks ever so, just got them and all excited! Any idea of your set list yet? TPE ready to ignite the current safe music scene – Razorlight,Coldplay,Radiohead etc. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

  8. (Love that) Dirty water/Boston….no-one else get that Standells/Nuggets reference? oh, alright then 🙁

  9. All,

    Have just reserved 4 tickets !
    Thanks everyone in advance, for the kind help by granting me a dance space !

  10. Woo Hoo! Got my ticket just now-only 34 left, so better get a move on folks!

  11. Hello,
    I watched your gig in T&C in 1988.
    I look forward to that I can meet again with tomoko.
    Exciting so as to shiver!!!

  12. Got my ticket – yahooo!
    Unfortunately I have to get last train back to Leeds at 11.30pm from Kings Cross (bloody work commitment!!) – so I’ll be the one giving it my all for the 1st part of the gig (the Dirtywater website says main bands on normally at 10.30).

  13. Bummer, johnnyboy-is there a mail train you can get in the small hours? Alternatively you could just call in sick (Excuse: “It’s a guitar thing, you gotta understand!”). My last train’s at 11.15, so I’ll probably crash at the Youth Hostel at St Pancras & crawl back home the next day.

  14. Francois,
    See you soon down there !

    Everyone have already noticed us so just in case I forgot the tickets !

  15. You know what – I thought better of it and I’m getting the 6am train back the next morning.
    There is no way on God’s earth that I am leaving that venue half way through and miss The Petrols – I’d always regret it!!
    Thanks for the encouragement Jason!

  16. Oh no! Of all the dates! My first child (Alice!:) is due then or then-abouts so I doubt whether the missus will let me come down and see you!! Do I even ask for a night out.. would that be bad…?

  17. me toooo ;o( If for whatever reason anyone who’s lucky enough to have tickets – ends up not being able to go, then please remember me too!! I’m desperate! I tried to buy them several times but the link wouldn’t work – and now they’re feckin’ all gone WAAAAAAIIIL! There are no words in the English language that can describe how gutted I am :o(

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