“Detonate” is Amazon’s Free Song of the Day tomorrow!

UPDATE: This is US-only, I’m afraid. :^(

I’m sure most if not all of you already own it, but this is a big opportunity for us to get exposed to thousands if not millions of new potential fans. So if you have any blogs or email lists that you post to, send ’em over to Amazon.com/mp3 or amazonmp3.com and look in the top right.

(In case you hadn’t gathered, there’s a free song every day here – it’s never a bad idea to visit!)

Cross your fingers for us – let’s hope some folks love the track, buy a few downloads, and come to the shows.

6 Replies to ““Detonate” is Amazon’s Free Song of the Day tomorrow!”

  1. Hi Steve – Sadly this doesn’t work in the UK. Amazon will only let me download this if I am in the US.

  2. Shame – tried it too, and yep, US only.. oh well, it was worth a try…maybe Amazon UK will copy their big brother? Any ideas if this is likely?

  3. Note: Detonate is still a free download at the moment (in the US), it’s just not on the Amazon mp3 front page any more

  4. I live in Canada and I had never dealt with Amazon US but I just tried to buy the download of Final Flame and like all the rest, US only. Frustrating. Are there still going to be physical copies of that and Fireproof??

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