Fans Interview the Petrols – #2

4) – Which of the three 2008 gigs did you like the best, and why?

Raymond: All three shows definitely had a different dynamic for me. The EP was undoubtedly my favourite as that was the show we had actually reformed for in the first place and that stage felt like the most natural for a band of our past reputation and stature to be standing on. If that gig had gone badly or indeed if the atmosphere hadn’t been as vibrant, expectant and loving, or if we had experienced some terrible, unforeseen technical hitches or received a poor or muted response at that particular moment, then ultimately it wouldn’t have mattered how well the other two previous smaller shows had passed off and we wouldn’t be writing these questions now. Luckily there was magic in the air, we played a blinder and came off feeling like kings. It actually took me about six weeks afterwards to come down off the high from all the shows but most energy was expended on this particular one.This was the one which mattered the most.

However saying that, the other two shows were wonderful too. London was a great way to kick off proceedings, on home turf in front of family, friends and the invited from this very site. On the night the atmosphere was very warm and heartfelt, I felt like we were just surfing a tide of goodwill and good vibes.I wasn’t nervous in the slightest for once (rare for me) and as such was just able to enjoy everything about the whole event – the happy faces, how good we still were and watching Steve’s crowdsurfing!

I was a bit apprehensive about Dundalk beforehand for reasons which seem silly now, but that turned out to be very enjoyable also. The youtube footage of that night (chemicrazy) was interesting for me to see. I’m not actually on camera for virtually all of the song however I appear at the end coming off stage and I am just beaming – that in itself tells the whole story. Storming version too!

I feel like we belong on the larger stages all the same although obviously we’re comfortable playing anywhere. Over the years we have learned and honed our stagecraft – we know how to project, plus we have the most dynamic and watchable front person in the business.The music possesses a beatific power and a positive energy which can uplift,move and entertain any audience or any number of people big or small.

I still have big ambitions for us. I had a dream a while back that we were playing a triumphant show at Madison Square Gardens. Some may laugh at this perhaps but never underestimate the power of dreams, if you have a pure desire they may well just come true…..

Steve: That’s tough. On the one hand, the Electric Picnic was so incredible, because there’s something undeniable about 5,000 people screaming. That was the moment for me when I realized my recollections of the past weren’t rose-tinted, that we were a powerful band that could move a crowd and in fact still could. The fact that teenagers were chasing us afterwards for autographs was icing on the cake. Hey, if the kids still get it, we’ve still got it. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, London, because it was explosive. It was fourteen years of pent-up rock angst. People fainted. It was like church, a spiritual experience. Magic.

But that’s not to discount Dundalk at all, either! I had relatives there who had flown all the way from Florida, and we rocked so hard that chunks of plaster came off the ceiling. I only wish I had been able to join in the shenanigans after the gig. My wife ended up drinking with the staff until 4AM, by that point in her jammies (our bus was parked outside the venue). Me? I was deathly ill with the flu and sweating my brains out in my tiny little bunk. The show must go on!

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  1. That was me who took the Dundalk footage. Sorry about that Raymond. Tell you what, if i bring the camera to ATP I’ll film from your end this time. Cut Brendan out instead eh?

    I have to say the Dundalk gig really kicked ass. What an atmosphere. My mate and me both had our wives along who were new to the petrols. Both were totally converted. Nice to meet you and your wife Steve outside afterwards. Btw the Women were smitten – at least 2 groupies for atp!

  2. That London gig was fantastic. I can see what Steve refers to as to me, it was like going to church (albeit a very noisy one LOL) !!! I thought I’d get drown with nostalgia, but no : I had just attended a storming gig by my favourite band !
    So many fond memories of that night… Hope to see you again (in France maybe ?) as I can’t make it to the December dates.


  3. Oh Yes the Boston Arms was terrific…I was buzzing for a week after. It was great to actually see you live again, espescialy as I missed the final gigs. I felt priveleged to have been part of the audience.

    Roll on DEC. 4th………..

  4. Dundalk was unbelievable. It was at least 14 years since I lost saw That Petrol Emotion live (Camden Falcon in 1993 playing under pseudonym – Scumsurfers). The sense of exhiliration as the guys took the stage was something totally unique – I’ve never experienced anything like that before and probably never will again. It was quite simply a wonderful, wonderful evening.

    Two days later and we were at the Electric Picnic. Now I’ve never really done festivals before, for all manner of reasons, but the EP is something else – the positive vibe is infectious (hell, I went again this year!). What a weekend! And what a performance from TPE on the Saturday afternoon, the Crawdaddy rammed, full to the rafters! The guys put in a storming 45 minutes and set the festival ablaze! Met some lovely folk down the front too – fellow Believers one and all.

    Can’t wait for Dublin…BRING IT ON!!!

  5. Nice read. And the sentiments on the London gig is just how I feel aout it… still. I finally managed to attend a sermon.

    Hope this years coming gigs are just as good, or even better. Can’t make it either, was realling hoping for it, but no… Just looking forward to the reviews and pics once more.

    Better sit down and watch “Seen and Unseen” and the “Dirty Water” dvd instead… fond memories indeed!

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