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Hey all –

It’s that time.

I’m doing a massive cleanup, and have stumbled on a bunch of boxes of Anodyne CDs. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the group I formed with Harris Thurmond when I moved back to Seattle. If you haven’t heard it, ask around in the forum – I haven’t met a TPE fan yet who didn’t like it. Pretty much what you’d expect from me writing with a guitar player from Seattle.

If you’d like one, send me an addressed puffy envelope with some postage. I’d imagine it would cost about $1.50 or so in the States, say a couple of pounds to the UK and 3 Euros to the continent. Just drop a few coins into the puffy envelope. Don’t worry about sending me foreign currency – I’m back and forth all the time and will use it to buy beers next time I’m there!

UPDATE: Okay, I miscalculated a bit on postage. Don’t worry if you’ve already sent an envelope. I’ve got you covered. But if you’re reading this, postage should be as follows: $2 for US, and 5 Euros/Pounds elsewhere.

Here’s a sample to help you make up your mind:


Send ’em to: 523 26th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122

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  1. me too?if able please ,i know you wouldnt be able to buy a beer with OZ currrency unless you are intending to come over(that would be good but) so if there is a way i am willing to buy one(cant get my head around how to tho)

  2. Got a couple of demos from Anodyne as well… stuck on the ipod together with the Tensor album. You wanna upload Steve or can I?

  3. Sample sounds great. Morris and I both want one so envelopes winging across the Atlantic pronto. Cheers!

  4. Hey Steve,

    CD arrived today, and I’m about to give it a listen. From the envelope, looks like I shorted the postage by 31 cents. I’ll pay up, with interest, next time I see you. Thanks again for making these available. Very kind of you.


  5. @esmark – let’s hang on to those for a bit. (wow – wonder what I sent you?)

    @bron – go ahead and send me a fiver. who knows? I may be back to your lovely country someday.

  6. Hi Steve, if you can save one for me that’d be great ; I’ll send you postage and SAE but I will only be able to do so next week (Feb 15th).

    Cheers for the opportunity to eventually check what you’ve done on your own (“Slider”‘s a great taster BTW).


  7. CD arrived today, signed too-that impressed my daughter! On first listening it’s pretty darn impressive-can’t wait to hear it some more.
    Thanks again, Jason

  8. Steve – Thanks a million for sending the CD – fantastic hearing you work with ‘new’ material (even if recorded a few years ago!). A real blast of freshness as it pumps out around the house. Did Anodyne / Marfa Lights release anything else?
    All the best,

  9. Thanks for the cd Steve. Getting plenty of plays. I agree that if you’re a Petrols fan you’ll like this. Much appreciated. Slainte!

  10. Hey Steve, thanks for the Anodyne CD – much appreciated, and thanks for signing it too

    List freaks like me might like to know that the setlist for Marfa Lights in Belfast on Saturday 14 November 1998 (at the Duke of York) was

    Lemon Rind
    Kiss of Fire
    Checkin’ out

    Silver Spoon
    Cover (and to my lasting shame I can’t remember what it was)

    Steve, am I right in thinking this was the last Marfa/Anodyne show…?


  11. Hi Steve,
    I have just sent off an envelop for 2 cd’s. I hope you still have a few left. Any news of Petrol gigs this year?

  12. Hi Steve,

    CD arrived and it’s a cracking, cracking album. Thanks for the signed note, that was a lovely touch.

    all the best

  13. Thanks for all the kind comments. I’m really glad you’re all enjoying it. I listened to it myself a month or so ago, and I’m still proud of it.

    Question: I have a letter from Toni NicChrosain, but I don’t remember sending an envelope to Texas. In fact I couldn’t find one anywhere. I quite likely lost it in the shuffle. Toni? Are you there? Did you get a CD?

  14. Hey Mack!

    I’m here, this is Toni, hi, I didn’t actually put my return address, Mum would kill me with sticks if I got mail, from a man, but yeah, glad you got my letter! I didn’t send you any money, so don’t worry cos you didn’t send me a CD. I just don’t email people haha.

    Trock on,
    Toni N

  15. Hi Steve,
    I just got cd today brilliant.
    thanks from scotland.
    Any chance of playing Glasgow or Edinburgh in the near future?
    cheers Kenny

  16. Hello,
    do you have any CD’s left? If so how much to send to Oz-land (I have some US$ left over from a holiday) x

  17. Hi Steve

    If they haven’t all been snapped up, I’d love a copy, please! That’s if you don’t mind dispatching ti all the way to South Africa. (And while a 50 rand note might conceivably have some curiosity value – I’d be very happy to cover the postage via PayPal, if you prefer.)

    Many thanks,

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