B-Sides and Remixes Listening Party!

This one was pretty fun, as quite a few of you hadn’t even heard a bunch of these! Quite a few were hidden on obscure releases or on the umpteenth version of a 12″ single or whatever. There’s the whole session here, including the hour long music set beforehand that includes some of the originals we covered and of course the artists that inspired us. Scroll forward an hour or so to go straight to the chit-chat.

Manic Pop Thrill – (Very Hard to Listen to) Listening Party

So. Yeah. A few of you have reached out asking me to post some of the old listening parties that I hadn’t gotten around to posting, and this was one of them. My first excuse was that the server was full, and wouldn’t take anymore of the huge video files these things end up being. But I fixed that by upgrading the TPE infrastructure. Then I went back and found all the old files and… ugh. This one. This was the first time we did a listening party where the playback audio worked – or I thought it did. It turns out there’s a horrible echo on everyone else’s mic. We eventually solved this from the Millenium listening party onwards, but I hadn’t figured it out quite yet. So here it is, echo and all. Hope you can enjoy it.

TPE talking about Manic Pop Thrill, our first album.

Boxed Set Q&A with John Harris

Hey folks –

We did a Q&A session with John Harris from the Guardian to celebrate the release of our boxed set, “Every Beginning has a Future.” It was tons of fun, as usual. The full version is below, with the first hour being a pre-show during which folks chatted. Scroll ahead to an hour in to get to the actual Q&A.

John Harris from the Guardian discusses the new boxed set retrospective “Every Beginning has a Future” with the band.

Fireproof Listening Party

Okay – this one was a little different, for me at least. It’s hard to believe how emotional listening back to this album made me. Thirty years later, and it still cuts deep that this was the album we thought was going to blow things wide open, when it turned out to be the album that folks just ignored.


Well – it’s still a great freakin’ record. Listen for yourself, and see for yourself how we reacted.

Chemicrazy Listening Party

Here it is!

Just like Millenium, I’ve put it up whole, warts and all. It takes a minute or so before I get the music started. Then, it takes awhile for me to realize that I’m sharing the wrong screen! So you get to see my email for a bit. Exciting, eh?

The first hour is just the pre-show DJ set. It’s a publicly available playlist on Qobuz, here: https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/6438395

If you can’t see the playlist or have any questions, go ahead and reach out here or on Facebook. Or skip ahead if you prefer – the party gets started roughly an hour in.

End of the Millennium Psychosis Blues Listening Party

I think we finally got this listening party thing down. We figured out how to a) make sure the audio was high quality, while b) not ruining the interview audio quality (turns out this was a Zoom thing), and c) even managed to share the video from the YouTube videos I was playing during the warm up.

I decided to leave the whole pre-show, with the videos. What the heck, why not? Next time I’ll try to share the zoom chat window as well, which doesn’t appear this time around, so that next time you can see the comments and chats that were going on during the pre-show.

Anyhow, enjoy. There’s an hour of pre-show, and two hours of discussion.

Babble Listening Party

So we tried to do this thing, where we’d listen to Babble, and then talk about it. This was after we did the Manic Pop Thrill listening party. (Oh – that reminds me – I could post that as well… huh…)

Anyhow, it didn’t go so well… until it sorta did. The day before I tested everything and it was working great. We were going to use Zoom to get all the Petrols on video, and use the chat and Q&A, and then rebroadcast that to Mixcloud for folks who didn’t want to sign up for Zoom accounts or download software. Simple, right? I’m an expert, right?

On the morning of the party, not so much. Remember, 7PM UK time is 11AM my time, so… yeah. Anyhow, we decided to postpone the listening party, but we decided to have a chat nonetheless, and enough people hung around on Zoom that it turned out pretty well. Here it is, if you’d like to give it a listen.

The good news is that I’ve figured out a way to do this for next time, and next time we’ll do even more testing. We’ll announce the next one of these soon.

Happy New Year! (with free live TPE downloads!)

Happy new year from us all here at TPE Headquarters.

It’s been quite a year for us, as you all know, starting off with a bang at South by Southwest, and ending on a high note at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Funnily enough, we had some equipment challenges at both, but somehow it all worked out and the gigs were a blast.

Thankfully, courtesy of the incredible NYC Taper, you can hear for yourself. He’s made a great recording of the Bell House gig, and offers free high quality downloads at his awesome site. You can download good quality MP3 files, or even lossless FLAC versions of the entire gig, here.

A big shout out to NYC and everyone who came – you were great as always! Here’s looking forward to 2010.