From the Archives, #2

You can all thank Kate for this (and the remainder of these that I post).

Mark Goodier show, live from Belfast. We were on fire, if I do say so myself. It was one of the best, if not the best radio performance I remember doing.

True story: at one point during a stage dive a necklace given to me by a very dear friend exploded. I didn’t realize until after the gig, at which point I jumped into the audience and started collecting pieces of the necklace.

Of course, being Petrols fans, a bunch of folks immediately cleared out a big circle, and four or five got down on their knees with me and picked up all the pieces. I still have the necklace to this day – my friend Victoria rebuilt it when I saw her next.


I <heart> you guys.



Yer on yer own.

Okay, due to popular demand, the forum is now unmoderated.

I just did a sh*tload of work designed to confuse spambots, so with any luck we won’t be inundated with porn or ads for pills. However, if these measures don’t work, we’ll have to go back to moderated posts.

If anyone sees any crap in there, don’t worry – I get notified any time anything happens, so it won’t be there for long. Let’s hope the little spam counter at the bottom of the forum pages just quietly keeps incrementing…