From the Archives, #2

You can all thank Kate for this (and the remainder of these that I post).

Mark Goodier show, live from Belfast. We were on fire, if I do say so myself. It was one of the best, if not the best radio performance I remember doing.

True story: at one point during a stage dive a necklace given to me by a very dear friend exploded. I didn’t realize until after the gig, at which point I jumped into the audience and started collecting pieces of the necklace.

Of course, being Petrols fans, a bunch of folks immediately cleared out a big circle, and four or five got down on their knees with me and picked up all the pieces. I still have the necklace to this day – my friend Victoria rebuilt it when I saw her next.


I <heart> you guys.



2 Replies to “From the Archives, #2”

  1. Many thanks for that Steve. I’m sure that any more from that set would be gratefully received (if you get a chance between studies!).

  2. hiya steve
    i remember this gig, it was mad, never seen so many stage divers on such a small stage, it was the first show i did with you guys – nice to see you getting back together at last.
    cheers bob

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