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Well? Whaddya say?

26 Replies to “You tell us.”

  1. Obviously being a London boy I’ll be there. Try to not make it a Thursday – EVERYTHING is on a Thursday 😉 (I’ll still be there though)

  2. Well I’m probably too old, but I can bring along a flask of Horlicks and a rug to settle down with at the back if it all gets a bit loud and a bit late…

    I’ll check out what’s on the box and set the video if I need to…

    Therefore, by default, it’s the crawling option (preferably with the assistance of East Midlands Trains)…

    BRING IT ON!!!!!!

  3. Weekends are better, however – by hook or by crook I will be there.
    Just clear a space down the front for me and my zimmer!

    Come on The Petrols!!

  4. All Recievers to boost,
    All transmitters to full…
    …..this is London Calling
    See you down the front.

  5. Yes of course!!!

    But at the risk of seriously doing your wig in – I’m out of the country 11-25 August – ANY time but then PLEASE!! And yes, Fridays or Saturdays would be good so that bloke can have the kiddiwinks.


  6. How about an email to all the site members to publiscise this – there are probably a good number who don’t frequent the site as often as others.

  7. Fourteen years since I last saw you (I was in the final gig in the Tivoli, Dublin), I’d crawl over burning coals to see you in London (where I now live).

  8. Hey Jason –

    Not sure if I can email everyone easily. Ooh! Hang on. I just found a way to do it in the forum. Unfortunately the forum and blog aren’t tied together like they were. That broke when I upgraded the blog and forum.

  9. hmph, can’t even vote. But I’d have to say ‘no’ on account of being geographically too far away; it’d make more sense to go to Nottingham or somewhere anyway.

    When I got the email from ‘smack’, title ‘secret gig’ , I excitedly assumed that it was Steve asking for some suggestions for putting on a show up in Scotland. Boo!

  10. We’ve been looking for this day for a long time and never thought it would happen especially with The Undertones thing, TPE never got the recognition at the time, should of been massive and we used to love your live gigs and visits to Brum. It was just a shame that all the baggy shite like the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays were so hyped by the music press, you just piss all over them! It would be interesting to see how TPE will be regarded now, I really think the band could reform for good – ITS UNFINISHED BUSINESS!

    We will bring our crowd from Brum no probs – a Fri or Sat would be better.

  11. as is so often the case : dates are the main factor in this.
    wife/kids/jobs etc.
    still, i’d do my utmost best sir.
    lets make it happen

  12. @18 – avoid the week before the festival? And same for you, Mr. Pirate Palmer – avoid the entire two weeks before the show?

    It’s supposed to be a warm-up! Sheesh. We’ll be talking about it this week, as I’ll be in Londontown.

  13. I would travel to London, no problem, as this reformation is like a dream come true! But would prefer a gig in the South West – Exeter (my home town now) would be a dream, but maybe that’s hoping too much – Bristol maybe? But there’s some great venues in the South West other than Brisol if you’re feeling adventurous…
    Good luck with it all, anyway – which Petrols line up will it be??

  14. STEVE – I didn’t say the two weeks directly before now did I? 26th, 27th, 28th – are these dates possible?

    Otherwise I’m going to have one stroppy bloke if I have to leave the family holiday in Spain and fly back for the gig. And it’s Mrs Piratepalmer to you hehe x

  15. Hello All,

    So I am going to try to attend London gig flying from Tokyo, I’ll be the No.1 distance traveller, well shall feel so honored if so. If Petrols can play in Seattle, that would be better as rather closer for me. Why not Tokyo then?

  16. Oh alright then

    Better stock up on the arthiritis tabs.
    – As long as Kate Nash is headlining and as long as I can sit upstairs like at Clapham Grand (Yeah, right).

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