The band has been invited to join the bill for this years All tomorrow’s parties “Nightmare Before Christmas” festival on December 4-6 as curated by KEVIN SHIELDS of MY BLOODY VALENTINE. More details as they come in. So far Sonic Youth, De la Soul, EPMD and the Sun Ra Orkestra have been announced.

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  1. Wow! Best not hang around, though:

    ” Nightmare before Christmas close to sell out!

    Monday July 27, 2009

    Tickets for the My Bloody Valentine curated Nightmare Before Christmas are
    now sold out at all outlets except gigantic.

    Gigantic have a very limited amount of 4 berth room only tickets left for
    sale, priced at £600 per room (£150pp) these are the only tickets left
    available for the event.

    So check out the link below if you want to get one of the last rooms!

  2. Hey hey hey ! How awesome is that ? Sadly something else I will miss I’m afraid. Not really surprised though, as I remember hearing an early 90s (at the time of “Loveless”) interview where Kevin and Belinda expressed their deep love of the Petrols, also being miffed at how unsuccessful you were considering you deserved so much to be. Class, indeed. Anyway, if there’s a comp to be released (as it happens with most ATP events), and you’re to be featured on it, I humbly suggest you give something new 😉 I know, I know… THOSE fans, always asking for more… lol.


  3. Excellent News. just booked some tickets. Jesus but this year is turning out great for gigs- NIN and Janes addiction both rocked, spiritualised and primal scream were awesome in Galway and now the pixies and atp to look forward too. Will be good to see the petrols again as the oxegen gig really didnt do you guys justice.

  4. I do NOT believe this!!! Bob Mould playing his only UK gig outside of London in 2009 and now the Petrols too!!!! AND on the eve of my 40th birthday 😀

    Anyone got £630 and a large shed for my two children?


  5. I second that Steve – any date in the south west would be great – Exeter maybe – Pheonix is a cracking venue…

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