Culturedeluxe Interview

Hey folks –

Culturedeluxe were kind enough to do an interview with us backstage at the Hop Farm Festival. We enjoyed chatting with them, as I think you’ll see.

See for yourself here.

3 Replies to “Culturedeluxe Interview”

  1. Possibility of US date(s) is great – this small part of the US publicity machine is poised…

  2. I really like the Idea of playing Events instead of gigs….I remember a friends band organised a gig at a cave, happenings are where it is going to be at, i’m sure people will travel for these type of occasions…..Surely all us people on here could organise somewhere different for the band to play and make it an event.

  3. ^ sounds like a great idea Steve 🙂

    I loved the description of us fans and our sofas lol!! All true though ……

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