Yes, that’s right.

Bring your ice skates, get ready to catch a live filming of The Daily Show or 30 Rock, but most of all get ready to rock in NYC.

It’s an awesome venue, and is guaranteed to be a freakin’ great time. We’ve been putting this together for quite some time, and it’s finally come together. Come spend the holidays with us in beautiful New York! Or, actually I should say Brooklyn, as we’re playing the Bell House in beautiful Park Slope:

Buy Tickets or just look at this cool venue.

This will be the first time we’ve played stateside in… oh wait. We played SxSW this year. No matter. If you forget about that, then it has been… twenty years !!! (I think) So save up your pennies, find that companion airline ticket, or cash out those air miles. We’re on our way.

New TPE Digital Releases with Unreleased Tracks

Hey All –

We’ve finally managed to get Fireproof and Final Flame released digitally. We’re working directly with IODA to make them available to all music sites, and can verify that they’re available on iTunes and Amazon. Woo hoo!

But there’s more. This release of Final Flame restores the original running order and full length of the original shows. Some of you may have heard these six unreleased tracks via the “unofficial” versions (I believe I may have sent some of these myself), but this is the first time they’ve officially been made available.

We will also be releasing physical versions of these two releases through a partnership with Amazon’s Disc-on-demand. More on that later.

In the meantime, we would absolutely love it if some of you wrote some reviews!

Culturedeluxe Interview

Hey folks –

Culturedeluxe were kind enough to do an interview with us backstage at the Hop Farm Festival. We enjoyed chatting with them, as I think you’ll see.

See for yourself here.

A tip of the hat from the London Gig

Okay –

So the new iPhone doesn’t shoot the greatest video indoors. And the audio quality, is, well, dreadful. But the sentiment is here. This video is a thank you to Espen, the man responsible for our number one fan site:

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/uploads/2009/07/london_espen_flv8_700.flv height=360 width=480 /]

You may not be able to decipher the audio, so here’s a transcript:

Steve: Hello there, pop fans!
Audience: Hi, Espen!

(recreating a moment from Seen and Unseen…)

UPDATE: Kate also caught this from the front of house:

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/uploads/2009/07/HiEspen_FOH.flv height=360 width=480 /]

Quick End of Tour Note

Hey All –

We’re all back and in one piece, suffering a bit, but that’s to be expected. I know we fell way behind on our daily posts, and after the right bollocking our lighting engineer gave us one night (thank you, Kate!), we promise that we won’t disappear like we did last year.

We’ve got photos from the tour, some video, and plenty of stories and recollections. Plus, we’ve got news about upcoming dates for 2009 and beyond.

I’ll try to post more this evening after work, but please bear in mind that we’re all straight back at work and have to fit all this in between family, friends, pets, work, etc.

Most of all – THANK YOU!!!! The entire tour was a blast and we got to hang out with a lot of you, in fact quite a few of you multiple times. You’re the reason we’re doing this, and will continue to do so.

Mid tour wind up

Okay, one of us is getting a lot of stick from the rest – because of these trainers. In the spirit of sharing, we’d like you to help us decide if we’re being mean or not. So here’s a picture, and a poll below that you can vote on. Remember, someone may cry based on the results.

Fluffy Trainers

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Portsmouth Post Mortem

Helllooooo Portsmouth!

Long drive from Birmingham, lots of traffic, and it was hot as hades in the van. Regardless, we arrived and loaded in. They had great posters for the gig, an original version before they knew who the supports were, and a later version using artwork from the site. See for yourself, here’s the first one:

Original Portsmouth Poster

And the final version:

Final Portsmouth Poster

The gig? Fabulous, of course. Unfortunately we missed the first support band, Villiers Terrace. Good reports, though. You can check them out at their MySpace page.

Also playing were Good Time Charlies, who endeared themselves to me for life by making a comment that “this song sounds like Cat Butt” (obscure Seattle band reference – nice). Haven’t had a chance to listen to the CDs but live they were freakin’ great.

Our gig was really enjoyable – best stage sound thus far, and we were relaxed yet powerful, if I do say so myself.  Next stop: London!

Stage Times – UPDATE

Kate, who is doing lights for us this time around suggested we put our expected stage times on the site. Seems like a great idea, so here you go:

Portsmouth: 10PM

London: 9PM (I imagine this will slide to 9:15-9:30)

Hop Farm Festival: UPDATE: 12:10 PM – 12:55 PM – This is twenty minutes later than originally scheduled, and now we have a 45 minute set! Brilliant!

Nottingham: 9:30 PM

Manchester: 9PM (again… 9:15?)

Leeds: 9:15 PM

Newcastle: 9:15 PM

T in the Park: 12:10 – 12:40 PM – Another short set. Harumph.

Oxegen: 4:05 – 4:50 PM

Okay, no excuses! See you there!

Birmingham post mortem

One down, nine to go!

Things got off to a slightly embarassing start when we realized we had left Ciaran’s cymbals in London. Uh, yeah. Thankfully the support band, a delightfully young group called the Dukes Jetty offered theirs. Thanks, guys!

(Like mid-60s Merseybeat? You’ll love the Dukes Jetty. Vintage down to the cuban heels and Burns guitar.)

Our set went down well. I managed to re-start the Blue to Black loop instead of Catch a Fire, and at one point punched the ceiling really hard (ow), but other than that had a great time. We played a couple of special tracks that we haven’t played in a really, really LONG time, but that were requested by folks in the forum. I won’t tell you what they were – don’t want to spoilt the surprise for those of you coming to a show this week!

Off to Portsmouth now…