New TPE Digital Releases with Unreleased Tracks

Hey All –

We’ve finally managed to get Fireproof and Final Flame released digitally. We’re working directly with IODA to make them available to all music sites, and can verify that they’re available on iTunes and Amazon. Woo hoo!

But there’s more. This release of Final Flame restores the original running order and full length of the original shows. Some of you may have heard these six unreleased tracks via the “unofficial” versions (I believe I may have sent some of these myself), but this is the first time they’ve officially been made available.

We will also be releasing physical versions of these two releases through a partnership with Amazon’s Disc-on-demand. More on that later.

In the meantime, we would absolutely love it if some of you wrote some reviews!

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  1. Great news, especially about the unreleased Final Flame tracks. Particularly good that there will be physical releases for an old Luddite like me who prefers a nice shiny disc!

  2. Hey Steve,

    About yout last point (reviews), I just have updated the one I wrote about “Final Flame” on the Amazon UK site (which was/still is considered the most helpful among the 7 existent) especially for the download re-release. Hope it will have the same appeal… and that you’ll dig it !!!

    All the best,

  3. Fab! Final Flame was the one CD I never had! Kept looking on Amazon too, especially after the Manc gig which rekindled the flame!!

  4. Thanks Brendan ! Wouldn’t have done it if i wasn’t inspired by your music ;-).
    Sadly Amazon have not published yet the update I did last week for the digital release; I’ll wait a few days and send it back if nothing appears…

  5. Lads yee should have put in Cellophane as well !!Or is my old memory knackered as well lol from the Tiovoli gig

  6. Stupid question maybe, but if I’ve already got the old version of Final Flame from when it first came out, I just need to download the extra tracks and (after a bit of track renumbering on my PC) they’ll slot right in, right? This isn’t a completely new disc?

  7. Oh and for all you Amazon download junkies who are miffed that Amazon seem to have every album but Manic Pop Thrill, try If you’ve never signed up before you can easily find a ‘sign up and get your first 50 downloads FREE’ deal or similar and they also have the new version of Final Flame, too!

  8. Hooray! We’re *finally* up on eMusic!

    (I’ve been a subscriber for years now – I think eMusic is great.)

    Jeff – the new tracks *should* slot in more or less just fine, but if you’re a critical listener you might notice a slight glitch. The original version had the extra tracks surgically removed, and to do so may have involved a bit of studio trickery. Inserting these tracks back in might reveal the trickery.

    The overall sound should be the same, as I worked off the original masters from Abbey Road (yes, that Abbey Road) from all those years ago.

    Remember to write reviews, wherever you download from!

  9. After more than a year waiting for the physical release of the remastered Final Flame I downloaded the MP3’s of the extra tracks yesterday (the first downloads I’ve ever bought). I have just burnt them to an audio CD and played them through my main hi-fi. Firstly, thanks for making these available, especially Helter Skelter-what an amazing version! Soundwise they don’t sound too bad at all, though a little flat. I have to say though that the sound really isn’t a patch on the original CD, so here’s a request; any chance of physical releases of the remasters, or is there a possibility of downloads being available in FLAC?
    Anyway, hope you’re all well and here’s to the possibility of some Petrols activity in 2011????

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