Watch Out World, Here We Come.

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It’s taken awhile, but we here at Petrols central are finally serious about dusting off the rock tools and treading the boards once again. Why? Well why the hell not is what I say. There have been a number of things over the past few years in particular that have spurred this on.

1) Gang of Four reunion – these guys changed my life back in the day. No, seriously. I listened to the records incessantly, and they were without a doubt the best live band I ever saw. Twenty-odd years later, they came back, and they slayed. They were astounding. They were monumental.

2) Killing Joke reunion – (Raven – RIP). Similar to Go4, in that they came, they saw, they totally destroyed. Interestingly enough this was a week after a much-touted up and coming band (the Rapture, cough-cough) came to town and just blew. I mean totally blew. I’m so sick to death of the post-modern, ironic, “I’m in a band but not really” stance so many bands seem to adopt these days. Seeing the ‘Joke a week after these turds was the perfect antidote. It made me realize why I got into music in the first place.

3) The death of the old music industry – Seriously folks, wave goodbye to the record biz of lore. What’s going to replace it we don’t quite know, but I derive an enormous amount of pleasure watching the death rattle of the current mess. I’ve been evangelizing and expostulating about this for years now, and voila. It’s not like it was a big secret.

4) The rise of social networking and a new musical landscape – Without wanting to sound too pollyanna about this, I’m incredibly excited about the potential of the Internet as a distribution and social/community platform. Even though things are very confusing right now, I think it’s probably the best time ever to be a musician. Well, perhaps with the exception of the 60s, but that’s only because the drugs were far better. I’ve been talking about this for years now – it’s time to put up or shut up.

So here we go – TPE are going to rise from the ashes, and rock your sweet tootsies off. We will crush. We will destroy. We will have a very good time doing so. And with any luck, we’ll be in a town near you soon.


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  1. Exciting news, Steve. Looking forward to when you reach Scotland.

    By coincidence I was briefly introduced to one of your former bandmates last week but not for long enough to ask about a TPE reunion!

  2. Which bandmate? I’ll tell him to get his ass online and to respond to your comments! Check the latest blog post – all systems go.

  3. Hi there True Believers,

    I was really happy and surprised to hear that TPE would reunite in 2008. As many fans, I’m curious to know which original band members might be involved (Sean ?) or not. Nevertheless, if you come to France, and especially nearby Paris, I have plenty of good adresses for lunch, dinner or whatever good times you might want to enjoy while doing so ! I guess (and hope) at least Damian would stir out of The Undertones recent reunion to concentrate on this, but who knows ? I think also Reamann and Ciaran should be part of it, as they were the main TPE songwriters whan you lot disbanded. As they seemed to have kept playing together since the split, they must have a bunchload of new songs I’m eagerly waiting to hear about !

    I also hope a new record will its way soon, but I wonder if the band could afford to found a new label as they did back in 1993 to release their last studio output… Or maybe Sanctuary would provide something of a deal, as they released “Final Flame” back in 2000 (ages ago, it seems).

    That YOUR big decision, somewhat…

    Anyhow, great to have news from you, Steve,

  4. Hi all!!The word from here in Ireland is that The Petrols are playing The Electric Picnic in august in Stradbally Co. Loais ,check out ELECTRICPICNIC.IE

  5. If yee are playing in muddy field in Loais come to Cork!!you will be very welcome in Chez Healy!!

  6. Just checked out the electric picnic website.THE PETROLS ARE CONFIRMED!!AND GUESS WHO ELSE?!!MY BLOODY VALENTINE!!!!Two Irish legends on the same bill!!!

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