22 Replies to “How’s this for heavy?”

  1. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    I’m fucking grinning from ear to ear!!!

    Thanks so much for posting that – you made my day – and I think the new outro is the dog’s bits

    Mary x

  2. Suffive to say sundays don’t come much better than this !!!

    You caught the fire and kept it, totally ace !


  3. I am sooo excited to see this.

    You’re really cookin’ with petroleum.

    I can’t wait for the gigs!

  4. ROCKIN’ ! Thanks for posting the clip…….even if it does include gratuitous use of Ray’s legs.

  5. Wow! I’m still in shock that this is happening…..Songs sound as fresh as ever…you’ll wipe the floor with the best today has to offer. Heres hoping that this turns into something bigger for y’all

  6. Holy Smoke-How good was that??!!!!

    A great way to round off the weekend-what a corker and even better than I’d hoped for! I’d better go for a lie down, then play it again!

    No petrol shortage here!

  7. Unbelievably good gents – can’t wait to see more. Never got to see you tour Fireproof (I know, I know, no excuse – regretted it ever since). Bring it on…and some long-overdue success for you all.

  8. Jaw, meet floor. Absolutely fantastic. Now give us some dates, my good man!

  9. Yip, Sundays don’t come any better than this!!! to finally see the Petrols together again as ‘on fire’ as ever is as good as it’s gonna get till we get to see you ‘in the flesh’
    You’ve made a lotta peoples day/week/month/year with this footage Steve…up till now it was all talk, now even the doubting Thomas’s can see……you’re all on fire again.
    Kep burnin’ brightly
    Oh…and get Raymond a pair of long trousers :o)

    Raymond..how about a gig in the new Butt Hall, Ballybofey(they knocked down the old one and are about to open a new one)…return to the scene of all those Horslips gigs..eh

  10. wow… I’m speechless… Been waiting for this for so many years and finally… WOW. Can’t get much better than this… oh wait it can… on a stage with me in the audience. Can’t wait!

  11. Excellent stuff. And it seems everyone still has a full head of hair.

    BTW the video quality is superb.

  12. Excellent stuff guys – this has set me up for the week!!
    Sounds really tight and love the change around at the end – cool as hell!

    Now I’m just waiting for the Petrol’s to kick all the new pretenders arses!!

  13. Fan bloody tastic – this rocks..even better than first time around…
    Ciaron may have piled on the pounds (!) but he can still drum with the best of ’em…

    Now, about those gigs in Devon……

  14. How great you all are.
    Hope everyone enjoyed the practice to realize another epic in months.
    Life becomes meaningful and hope sounds convince to me. Well on the way now so see you all then. Tom

  15. Sounds as good as ever, you all look great aswell! Its time to put the music scene to the sword!

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