SxSW 2009 – It’s On.

That’s right folks – international applications closed six days ago, and we’ve already heard back from our friends in Austin, TX. Is that a record? I think so. Someone alert Guiness! We’ve got another record for TPE!

BTW, sorry about the radio silence. We’ve been chatting internally about 2009, and we’ll be announcing more in the coming weeks. In the meantime we hope to start posting pictures and video from 2008. I’m back in school and it’s killing me, so I don’t have much time as I’d like to spend on the site.

3 Replies to “SxSW 2009 – It’s On.”

  1. Hey Steve,

    When you say “another record for TPE”, I take that litterally !!!

    Hope you’re all doin’ fine… bastards !

    Cheers from France,

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