Freakin’ great.

That’s how good the rehearsal was last night.

It’s the first time we’ve rehearsed the full line up since last October when we first tested the idea. Raymond, Damian, Ciaran, and Brendan have been rehearsing instrumentally for a few months now, and I’ve been singing in my bathroom. It was sublime.

First we ran through the pop hits. Hey Venus, Big Decision, Sensitize, Infinite Thrill, Tingle, Shangri-La, Good Thing… holy crap. How come we didn’t have permanent residence in the charts? These songs are GREAT, and they still sound fresh to me. Sure, I’m biased. But I’m right. It’s like that poster I’m seeing in the tube stations for Jeremy Clarkston’s new book: “They’re back. And they were right about everything.”

Then came the rock songs – Catch a Fire, Detonate My Dreams, Abandon, Scumsufing. Wow. They’ve worked out some new arrangements for Abandon and Scumsurfing that will blow your socks off. It was loud, it was powerful, tight, melodic… it was freakin’ great.

Day off today, then a day long rehearsal on Saturday. We should have news about warm-up dates after that.

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  1. I’ve no idea why you didn’t have more success back then – I seem to remember that all your singles stalled at number 42, as if someone was toying with you – “Yessss, let them think they are close to realising their dreams and then we shall snatch it away from them. Soon their rebellious spitrits will be crushed. Bwah-ha-ha-hah!”

    But I’m now going crazy thinking about these warm-up gigs – bring ’em on! Actually, ‘warm-up’ seems the wrong term – I don’t think we’ll be standing down the front moaning that you could have been a little tighter on ‘Keen’ or whatever. We’ve waited 14 years for this. Most of us would give our left knees to be in that rehearsal studio…

  2. This is just what I needed to read during a crap Friday at work – really can’t wait now!!!!!!!!!

  3. Made my week this has!
    How great to hear the rehearsals are going well. What a feeling it must be to capture that fire again – especially on such a great collection of songs.

    Eyes will be firmly peeled to the laptop this week-end!

    Come on!!

  4. Just found out that you are back together, and am really excited. I remember seeing you at King Tut’s around the time of Fireproof – fantastic.

  5. Excellent…have you not noticed how Steve despite being jet lagged has slipped straight back into working band everday stuff like” Day off tomorrow”
    rehearsing all day Saturday, if this Internet thing was alive when TPE were around it wouldn’t have come to this, we would be struggling for a ticket at Wembley, TPE headline of course (Foo Fighters supporting) Grohl watching in awe from the wings…so nasty habit…let me grab at it.

  6. rehearsals sounding great guys. same as all these other posts, I’m just dying to see the band live. I feel obliged to say please play Glasgow at some point, but I’ll happily travel to London/where-ever. on song request front, if Genius Move is in the set list I’ll be well happy. cheers!

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