So ya wanna come see us this August?

Then I guess you’ll want to know the dates, right? Ask and ye shall receive:

Tuesday, August 26th: secret London gig (venue *almost* confirmed)

Thursday, August 28th: Irish warm-up at The Spirit Store, Dundalk, Ireland. Tickets online here.

Saturday, August 30th: The Electric Picnic, Portaloise, Ireland. Tickets online here.

Mrs. Pirate Palmer, you may thank us in person later.

29 Replies to “So ya wanna come see us this August?”

  1. Woooooooooooooooooot!!! What can I say ?? THANKS SO MUCH you lot – at risk of sounding like a complete lemon, I love you chaps!!!

    I just want that ticket in my sweaty palm now …….

    See you down the front – and yes, I owe you all a beer or 10 haha!!

  2. Heeeeeeeeeellllllllll !!!!!!!!!!

    I’m back from Morocco on August 23rd and will kill to be in London on August 26th !!!! Would you mind having a French Pig donw the front row ????


  3. I hope whichever London venue it is it has a wide stage, ‘cos there’s going to be a lot of us down the front!

  4. yes oh yes! Ticks are booked! Flight from Paris for the EP was already booked, and as luck would have it I arrive on morning of 28 Aug, so Dundalk here we come! Now I’ve just gotta figure out how to get to Dundalk from Dublin…

  5. Hi, Is this the definitive list or is there any chance of shows in other cities?

  6. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGG!!!! will not be in London on 26th, utterly devastated, most definately NOT a genius move. Hopefully some more dates in the pipline? Please let me know.

  7. If anyone is travelling from UK to Ireland for the Dundalk gig then Ryanair has some amazingly low deals to Dublin from various airports at the moment. I got a return from Leeds Bradford for £30 all in.
    Can’t wait!

  8. Hmmm I’m now wondering if I can swing the Dundalk gig too…… pushing my luck do ya think?


  9. Hopefully I’ll be down south on Aug26th (subject to better half’s plans for our vacation)….as for an impending tour, 2 words….GLASGOW PLEASE! I saw you guys there at the Subclub and the QMU at Glasgow Uni many moons ago and you were absolutely fantastic both times. AND the crowd loved you. More of the same is in order.

    Regardless, you guys have made my year by playing out again, good luck with everything.

  10. Aaaarrrggghh! I’m going to be in France for that week! PLease tell me there are more dates planned. Pretty please?

  11. Fantastic, London 26th Aug here we come, let us know where so I can let me bro know that he’ll be havin a crowd from Brum stoppin with him!

  12. Actually, I just remembered this….the gig at the Glasgow Uni QMU in 1990/91 had to be stopped halfway through due to a suspected gas leak! Steve made a spirited Public Service Announcement asking the crowd not to panic as they evacuated the building. When we all trooped back in again half an hour later, you played even better…well done guys!

  13. Hey Hey Hey~~

    I will be out there in London on 26th, then ready to fly over Dublin for 28th. Don’t know whether I would go on 30th due to Expensive Tickets for just a single gig however.

    Everyone, please save a slight space @ show for me as I am extremely short ! It would kill me if I couldn’t see TPE after such a longest travel.

  14. Tomoko!

    You will definitely win the award for “most dedicated fan.” I’m sure everyone here will be at the front and will look after you at both gigs.


  15. Wow that’s very impressive Tomoko!!! And if you’re smaller than me you’ll be doing well – I’m only 5 ft – a regular ankle biter!!

  16. Oh come on, we’ll have to find out new stagediving rules then !

    Can’t wait to be there !


  17. Hey Guys sorry it took me so long to join, I have been reading the site for months and finally thought it was time to join in. I’m so excited bout the gigs can’t wait till August. Is there any chance of a Derry Gig?? And what are the chances of Sean joining you on stage for a few classics???


  18. Hey Cat –

    These are the only dates for now. Depending on how these go, perhaps more later. So cheer loudly!


  19. Hi All,

    In the meantime, all the tickets for Picnic were sold out !
    And I lost the chance.
    Then now, it sounds (Hello Steve !) there are more gigs planned around that period. So maybe I should wait and see for other dates.

    I will bring 3 friends together to Tufnel Park. So if you see 4 Japanese, please find the smallest one, that will be me. Hello piratepalmer, I’m maybe 1 inch taller, a wee bit like Doc Martin sole.

  20. Hi Tomoko, I’m Mary – will make sure to be on the lookout for you four !! Us tiddlypeeps can scoot on down the front ……

  21. That is fantastic, have just booked my tickets for the Spirit Store and have my tent ready for the Trip to Laois. Cannot wait…..

  22. SOLD OUT??!! I’ve been checking this website every day for WEEKS to buy tickets for the London show – but couldn’t because when it was listed as the Boston Arms, the link to buy tickets wouldn’t work – and every time I went back it said “venue almost confirmed”!!! which it STILL says…. so how can it be sold out??? I am SEEEEEEEEERIOUSLY distressed and may need years of counselling if I don’t get tickets!!! HELP! where did you people who have tickets get them?!!

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