Irish Times Article

published today.

Petrols are great! Incindiary! Fire! Ignition! Still more fire metaphors and puns!

Clearly we created a monster. Still, we love our friends in the press.

Read all about it here.

2 Replies to “Irish Times Article”

  1. The talk about suuccess reminded me that there’s an old copy of the Guinness Book of Hit Singles that describes you (something like) “the most successful unsuccessful band of all time.” The gist of it was that you’d had the most top 75 hits of any artist without getting into the top 40 at least once. It always made me smile when I saw that. It’s not in more recent copies so maybe you’ve lost that crown.

    Steve you really need to think about what you say in interviews…….”everybody and his brother is reforming”. As far as I know Brendan is in the band 😉

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