London Gig Details

Okay folks – last minute details.

Doors open at 8PM, and we’ll be going on around 9:30, so those of you who rely on public transportation should have no problem. See how good we are to you?

Here’s what I’ve got for the paid list – if I’ve left anyone off let me know in the comments or send me an email (

Eileen Fisher + 1
Mark Brady + 1
Maeve Manogue +1
Nigel Wilsher
Tony Cripps + 1
Paul Forrest-Jameson
Caroline Taylor
Justin Morrad
Jamie Blomfield
Steve Pryde
Jeff Prior
Gareth Knight
Greg Sharkey + 1
Darren Hudson + 1
Colm McWilliams + 1
Leigh Harris +1
Martin Smy + 1

Just finished our last rehearsal – I’ve gotta say it’s sounding bloody fantastic. Can’t wait to see you all.


11 Replies to “London Gig Details”

  1. Can’t wait to see you either. Been waiting for this since 1986…. (after getting my hands on MPT)

  2. Can’t make any of the shows due to other commitments and I am jealous I won’t be there !!!Hopefully you will play some more shows soon and make it to Scotland next time !!Hopw you all have a great time !!!

  3. wicked steve,thanks,could you +1 me please,did ask before hand,know your busy,great if you could,so looking forward to the show,till then!! alias Nigel Wilsher

  4. Have a blast in London Town. See you in Dundalk and Stradbally (that sounds so strange… it is in the middle of nowhere)

  5. Fantastic 🙂 I’ll be bringing Rick Senley (a music/rock photographer) along, but as you have been in email conversation with him, I’m sure he’ll be down to get in – if not, please add him as my plus one!

    Listening to Fireproof as I type 🙂 🙂

  6. Could you add me to the paying list please? I did send an email, but it probably went AWOL. See you tomorrow.

    Chris Marron

  7. Fantastic news! My sis is coming down from the wilds of Norfolk to join me for the gig and has her old Babble t-shirt at the ready (mine won’t fit any more).

    Being a bit cheeky, I don’t suppose there are any more spares? Another true believer would like to join us if at all possible…

  8. Yeah, mine’s going spare. I’m stuck in Paris and can’t make it. Gutted, but please go ahead and put the ticket to good use! Ticket will be on the door under name of Gareth Knight. If you’re going to Dundalk or the EP, you can track me down and buy me a large pint of Guinness! I’ll be the one in the Scumsurfin ’90 shirt 😉

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