Yer in.

That’s right. There are enough tickets for everyone who asked via the comments for the last post. Send me your names via email ( so I can put them at the door. Asked for the Petrols paid guest list.

Those of you who asked for two, you’ll be down with a plus one.

I’ll be in London as of Tuesday afternoon. Guess I’d better get to practicing, eh?

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  1. WhooohoooooOOOOOOooooooOOOOOO!!!!! What a brilliant way to round off the weekend! I’m ecstatic…and I’m not even at the gig yet!! Thanks SOOOOO much – I can’t bloody wait :o)

  2. i’m gutted i missed out on this. Just got back in the country yesterday. Gave up all hope of getting tickets 3 weeks ago when i saw that you was sold out on the web. Seen you guys at the powerhouse in Islington in 91 and you blew me away.
    Good luck with the gig.


  3. Steve,

    Late reader here… in America… Baltimore, Maryland to be exact.
    Good to see SOME action on the That Petrol Emotion front.
    With music so splintered these days, it’s nice to see a band I could
    always depend on still groovin’ in the spotlight.

    Unfortunately I see that the shows that the band did are long over.
    Any chance of a tour of any kind in this fair land of America? How about playing at Obama’s inauguration? I’m sure some politics will fill the air that day (January 20, 2009). After eight years in the Wasteland, I’m sure anything else will be readily accepted. I do believe Obama would like your music… He likes Michael Franti and his politics, I know.

    I wish the guys in the band the best. I certainly hope to see you
    in America again… and not just backstage at an REM show at
    Madison Square Gardens!


    Curtis Mayfield

  4. Hey “Curtis” –

    Glad to have you. I’m heads down getting the paperwork ready for South by Southwest, so if you’re planning on attending, we’ll be there. Failing that, we’re targeting this fall for a US tour. Where should we play in Baltimore?

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