Tickets for London Show

Okay folks, now that I’ve got the T-shirts out of the way, I can move on to this.

Some of you did not get tickets to the show. I know. You’re not alone. We’ve held back a limited number of tickets for this exact purpose. We’ve decided to hold some of these specifically for you, our web site devotees.

There is a very limited amount. I’d say first come, first served, but some of you don’t check the site every day. So here’s what I’m going to do. Let me know if you need tickets in the comments below. These are going to be at the door, and non-transferrable, so don’t even think about touting/scapling them. You’ll pay at the door and go in.

If there are more of you than tickets, then I’ll randomly pick amongst you, and announce the results on Sunday or Monday.

Sound fair? I really hope we can sort you all out.

13 Replies to “Tickets for London Show”

  1. Yay, have been checking like a mad thing! Delighted to pay at the door – is it possible to have two? Otherwise there may be a fight to the death and I’m much smaller…..

  2. Fantastic! Have been logging on daily in the fervent hope of this. Paying at the door will be an absolute pleasure – two tickets would be wonderful, please. The end of August has got a lot rosier…

  3. Brilliant!!! Sounds fair to me. Been logging on a few times a day to make sure I don’t miss this!! 2 tickets would make me a very very very happy bunny indeedy – it’ll be the best money I’ll spend in a long time… my fingers are well and truly crossed ;o)

  4. ooohhhh my!!!!! God im nervous just writing this!!!! 2 tickets would be sooooo great,i”d try and find my dreadlocks again to go maaad down the front again!!!!please please please i gotta see ya again!!!!!! got everything crossed

  5. A small but vital part of my life went missing at the Clapham Grand back in ’94. I never hoped I’d find it again but now it’s back. Two tickets for the Bostion Arms gig would make my year and rekindle more than one old friendship. Fingers crossed. Whether I make the draw or not, blow ’em away guys!!

  6. Unfortunately the Dundalk gig is completely full.

    Just come grab us for an interview. We’ll be hanging about, or on the big-ass rock bus parked in front.

  7. I’ve just got back from being on a pretty rubbish holiday for a week about an hour ago, so I really need a ticket to cheer me up. Also I need to go for medical reasons; I don’t want to go mental 🙁

  8. I’m gutted that I’m not able to come to the London gig – I live in Devon, and it’s just not possible on this date. The reason for this post is to plead for some more dates soon – I will die an unhappy man if I miss you guys this time around….

  9. this is brilliant news!! was absolutely gutted to miss out seeing as it’s my local pub in Tufnell Park!! Only need one as my brother managed to blag the last one available off ticketweb but if I could have one on the door you’d be making me a very happy man!

  10. There are enough tickets for all of you. 🙂

    Send me your names so I can put them on the door (

    I’ll also to a new blog post about this.

    Getting close now! Even I’m starting to get butterflies in my stomach.

  11. fuck cinderella fuck bon jovi and motherfuck prince man

    steve mack said hello to the odester!!!

    i’ll send you an email and perhaps we can do the interview over the internet

    odran smith

    i’ll try to make it to the spirit store but i’m going to electric picnic

    “who says a funk band can’t play rock music
    who says a rock band can’t play funk”-george clinton

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