The people have spoken.

Okay, the results are as clear as day.

By a two to one margin, design #2 wins!

Just so you know, the band was pulling for design #1, but we said we’d let you choose, so that’s that! Lord knows we put out some of the ugliest t-shirt designs ever seen, so this simple, elegant design will be a nice change. We’re pulling together the resources to print the sucker.

We’ve had a lot of requests for, ahem, larger sizes. Any other special requests? Do the ladies want girly-tees? What about kid sizes for the nippers? Remember folks, Christmas is coming, and nothing says “I love you” as much as a TPE shirt.

(Oh, and by the way, by popular demand we’re changing the back from “Stradbally” to “Electric Picnic.”)

8 Replies to “The people have spoken.”

  1. Sounds good to me…. will buy a t-shirt whatever the design… As long as you’ve got either medium or large. Speaking of it, kids size would do fine as well… got two birthdays coming up… 6 and 9 year old… he he.

  2. Good news! I’d echo Espen’s comments re sizes. Not sure if I can persuade my 2 girls to wear a shirt that’s not pink, but could be fun!
    One request, and that’s could you please get the designs printed on decent quality shirts? I’ve waited so long for this that I’d hate for the shirt to fall apart/go out of shape after a couple of washes!

  3. girly tees in small & medium size sounds good but would buy Xlarge in normal/mens style if that was it ,not too fussy(sometimes!!) that is if they can be posted for those unable to hitch a flight

  4. Oh yes please, girly t-shirts would be great. I realise now that they are far more flattering than the mens XL one’s I used to wear in the 90’s when I was only a size 8!! 🙂

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