Time to pick a T-shirt!


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Okay, here are the four designs we’ve picked out. Here’s #1:

tshirt design #1

And here’s #2:

tshirt design #2

Here’s a variation on the ‘believer’ theme, #3:

tshirt design #3

The design is a little small, so here’s a closer shot of the design of #3:

detail of tshirt design #3

And finally, a totally different look, sorta Ramones-ey, #4:

tshirt design #4

(Okay, so Raymond’s name is misspelled. We’ll fix that if this is the one you guys want.)

So what do you think? I know which one I like, but I’m not going to tell you. The back of all these shirts will be the same:

back of t-shirt

So there you have it. It’s up to you. Vote early, vote often. No! Don’t cheat. In fact, I think the poll software is clever enough to only let you vote once, so you better choose carefully!

Which is your favo(u)rite t-shirt design?

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20 Replies to “Time to pick a T-shirt!”

  1. Good designs but it has to be the 1st one (believer). It’s so appropriate and is the most classy. Good work!

  2. I’m lovin’ number 2 – simple and effective!
    If people are unsure what TPE stands for if I’m wearing this t-shirt then I’ll certainly be telling ’em!!

  3. No 2 without a doubt – elegant, simple and as johnnboy mentions will be sure to have folk asking questions. I do like No 4 too, though the reverse may look at odds with the front from a design point of view.

  4. Number one is best, whereas number two reminds me of SLF’s Inflammable Material design. Number 4 would be my second choice. How about changing the back design to London/Dundalk/Electric Picnic as I think more people would identify with the Electric Picnic than Stradbally (no offence intended to the good people of Stradbally!).

  5. Went for the simple TPE #2, but i wouldn’t be that upset with #1 either..roll on the 26th.

  6. Voted for no.4, but hell any of them will be great. Being of a certain age can I plead for as many X large as possible to be available!

    Can’t wait for London gig now, though thinking about it Karl if you’re reading this you might still fit in a large T-shirt!

  7. I like number 2 bur really just happy with a new TPE t/shirt.

    Can we just make sure there is some FB sizes as I am sick of buying XL / XXL that fits midgits.

  8. NO. 4 is by far the best – cap sleeve maybe?! The others are not bad but a bit similar to old SLF logo.

  9. Hi there, just voted for N°3… glad the “renegades of pop” tag lasted there somewhere… cheers Petrolheads. See ya soon.


  10. they’re all great.
    i’d be chuffed with any of them, but dropped my vote on #2.
    and people, you have no idea how painful it it to see all this build up given that i cant make it to one of the shows.
    no bloody idea.
    there are times that responsible adult life is a mean mother.

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