Mid tour wind up

Okay, one of us is getting a lot of stick from the rest – because of these trainers. In the spirit of sharing, we’d like you to help us decide if we’re being mean or not. So here’s a picture, and a poll below that you can vote on. Remember, someone may cry based on the results.

Fluffy Trainers

The wearer of these trainers is... ?

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9 Replies to “Mid tour wind up”

  1. I slightly disagree, but I’ll explain that later… later… later…………… ;-))


  2. Well with age you have everything going for you? Your hair, Eyesight Ect….!!!!

  3. Is this a new direction for the Band?? Was a TPE wag involved-? Are we due to see the band with wooly jumpers with their Star Signs on as in Spinal Tap?
    You guys sound like you play turned up to eleven all the time!!

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