SxSW slot – see you on Thursday.

We’ve been notified about our SxSW slot – it’s Thursday, March 19th at the Elysium.

We don’t know when we’re playing yet, as the lineup and bill haven’t been finalized. We do know a few of the bands we’re playing with, and couldn’t be happier. Let’s just say it’s a *really* strong bill, and I suspect a large number of people will be arriving early and staying all night.

The Elysium is on Red River, which is pretty much the center of SxSW festivities. It’s a goth club outside of SxSW, but don’t let that fool you. They’ve got a great PA system, so we’ll be able to be good & loud, heh heh heh.

All the arrangements are proceeding apace. Starting to get pretty excited…

2009 – Here we come!

Okay, I’ve been slacking off. Well, actually I haven’t, since I’m back in school and I have a million and one things to do. But I have been neglecting this site, and that’s not good. Time to get active again!

We’re working out the details for our trip to Austin in six weeks. Six weeks! Holy moly that’s not far away. Is anyone out there planning on coming to SxSW? We’ll let you know when we’re playing, which we should find out in the next week. We’re also trying to see if we can play anywhere else while we’re there, like a party or a radio station or record store – whatever.

If anyone out there has any ideas or offers, we’re all ears! Hook us up!

Electric Picnic 2008 Photos

UPDATE: Okay, I’m an idiot. I got my Daves mixed up. These are actually Dave *Mitchell’s* photos, not Dave Walsh. <sigh>

I’ll try to get Dave Walsh’s up as well, as they’re also super double fab. Sorry, Daves!

These photos are all up on flickr, but they’re so dang good I also want to feature them here.

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You can check out other photos by Dave Mitchell on his flickr pages.

SxSW 2009 – It’s On.

That’s right folks – international applications closed six days ago, and we’ve already heard back from our friends in Austin, TX. Is that a record? I think so. Someone alert Guiness! We’ve got another record for TPE!

BTW, sorry about the radio silence. We’ve been chatting internally about 2009, and we’ll be announcing more in the coming weeks. In the meantime we hope to start posting pictures and video from 2008. I’m back in school and it’s killing me, so I don’t have much time as I’d like to spend on the site.

Tour Post Mortem

Hey all –

We’re all back at home, in one piece. More or less.

What can we say? I think Ray speaks for us all when he told me it “far exceeded his expectations.” You guys made us feel welcome and more importantly, missed. We can’t thank you enough.

I’ll post more about the Dundalk and Electric Picnic gigs, but for now, give us a few days to adjust to the jet lag and the post-tour depression. We’ll figure out how to showcase all your photos and video, and see what’s to be done moving forward.

For now, thank you all so, so much, and here’s hoping we can do this again and have as much fun.

Best London Gig Story

Met so many lovely people before the gig, did a lot of photos, one cheeky fan got two kisses.

After the gig, found a couple I had met earlier. Turns out that she had passed out from, uh, over-excitement I guess. Flat out on the floor. Two fans immediately whisked her out to the patio to resuscitate her, and then one went back in to tell her boyfriend that his girlfriend had passed out.

Of course, he was too busy dancing and hadn’t noticed! It wasn’t until the song finished that they were finally able to get his attention and let him know that his sweetheart was outside…

London Gig Post Mortem

First – If you lost anything at the gig, please email PJ found a few things, so…

Second – wow. You guys are great. Seriously. That was one hell of a night. I must have lost a stone during the gig, and I know I’m not the only one. And you caught me when I fell backwards. Fantastic.

Finally, if you took any photos or video, let us know. We’re happy to post it here, or link to it on Flickr or YouTube or whatever. Hey, here’s an idea. If you post anything to Flickr, please tag it “TPE2008” so we can easily search for ’em.

With video, what I’d really like is a copy burned to DVD or CDR if you could. What I’ll do is take the master recording done last night and add the various bits of video together to make a DVD of the entire gig. Sound good? Sure it does.

Dundalk, here we come…